Why I Do Not Use Human Shampoo For My Pets

Why I Do Not Use Human Shampoo For My Pet

Why I Do Not Use Human Shampoo For Pets

Have you ever used a Dog Shampoo for your hairs? If not, then why do you use human shampoo for your pet? If a thing is not made for a specific being then its better advised not to use it for something else. If you are constantly using human shampoo for your pooch then sooner or later you will see the bad effects of using a human shampoo. I know that a human shampoo is much cheaper option for your pocket, but it can cost you more money in terms of the potential skin hazards. If you are a constant user of human shampoo for your pet, then I would say that stop doing it from this day.

Continue below to read the insights about the dog grooming and what products you should use in the bathing. My main talking point would definitely be “Why You Should Not Use Human Shampoo For Your Dog“.

Why I Do Not Use Human Shampoo For My Pet Dog Shampoo Is Expensive, But It’s Worth The Cost

I know that dog shampoos are expensive and for most of the people its hard to splash the cash for it as  a regular dog shampoo starts from $15. One thing I would want to mention is that you only get what you pay for, if you go for a cheap option then chances are that you might get a cheap product.

Do Not Use Human Shampoo For Pets, Its a MAJOR HEALTH HAZARD

If you have a dog that has skin issues or a skin condition then you literally need to break the bank for it, it costs more than $30s to buy a shampoo. There are even more expensive options too, some of the shampoo products costs more than $150. Most of the pet parents can’t afford such pricey products, so what to do ? Fortunately, there is safer and cheaper alternate. (cheap doesn’t refer to quality here)

Health Hazards Of Using Human Shampoo

Why I Do Not Use Human Shampoo For My Pet Human shampoo have a lot of acidity that can damage your canine’s skin. The excessive use of human shampoo for dogs can disrupt a dog’s skin and may lead to skin conditions. This practice puts your dog to higher risk of getting bacterial diseases that can lead to rashes or severe skin infections. Moreover, frequent use of human shampoo can cause dryness in their skin, your pooch may start excessively scratching it’s skin that can cause bleeding, exposing the internals to bacteria and diseases.


Why I Do Not Use Human Shampoo For My Pet Scientifically speaking, regular made-for-human shampoos can disturb the pH of your dog’s skin. Now I would come to the much better and money saving alternative to the pricey dog shampoos. I personally use this alternate and the results have always been awesome, and that alternate is “Baby Shampoo”. Yes, you heard it right, a regular baby shampoo is the reliable, cheaper and safer option. I personally discussed the use of baby shampoo with my vet and he confirmed that it doesn’t pose any threat. The baby shampoo doesn’t have that acidic strength in contrast to the regular human shampoo, as it is manufactured for babies that have delicate skin.

I have been using the baby shampoo to wash my dog’s coat and it has never let me down. I would recommend you to use it, it wouldn’t cost you more than $5. If you can afford a dog shampoo then its your choice to go for one, but for those of you out there who can’t afford a dog shampoo can definitely use baby shampoo as an alternative. I hope you have enjoyed Why I Do Not Use Human Shampoo For My Pets Happy Bathing !



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