Why Do Dogs Whine? – Decoded And Explained

why do dogs whine

Why Do Dogs Whine?

It is quite obvious that you hear your dog whine at least once in a day. You may wonder why do dogs whine? Well you will find out the reasons behind their whining. Just like barking, dogs have nearly the very same reason for whining. It may be annoying for you to hear a lot of whining. Lets first understand the reasons behind their whining and why do dogs whine.

Why Do Dogs Whine – Understanding Their Nature

Dogs wouldn’t whine all the time unless there is something that bothers them. Whining is another type of communication, just like barking. However, whining is more like a communication via body language and energy. Dogs basically whine to communicate their mental, emotional or physical state. Remember, not all dog whines have same level of intensity and energy. Following the main reason that logically answers “Why Do Dogs Whine?”.

Mental State Matters

why do dogs whineWhile the dogs are in a pack, whining often refers to a sign if submission. This submissive behavior lets the other more dominant dog know that “I quit”. Dogs usually show their submission by specific postures, like putting their body low to the ground, more like a squat position. Dogs often greet their owners by whining, that shows their excitement. Your dog may start spinning or jumping out of excitement. For training purpose, this is the ideal time to teach him how to settle down without touching and talking to you.

Dogs often whine when they are in a  need of something. This behavior is repeated if it has worked in his favor last time around. So, by the training point of view you should not entertain your dog in such situation.

Emotional State Of Mind

Dogs whine in order to communicate their emotional state to their owners. Dogs would whine when they are

  • Excited
  • Frustrated
  • Bored
  • Fearful
  • Anxious

Whining in excitement will be followed by a lot jumping, yipping, spinning and circling. While anxiety will be followed with nervousness and uncertain body language, more like what to do behavior. A bored or frustrated dog may start scratching the doors, or start barking out of sheer boredom. While a fearful dog would most probably duck under the table or couch in order to avoid people.

why do dogs whineDogs don’t like to communicate by whining all the time. Since humans use their mouth to communicate, its obvious that dogs would do the same, as you know dogs like to imitate others. Why? Let us leave it for another day. Moreover, whining is a vocal communication and its easy to get noticed. Dogs know that their whining would attract some  eyes and ears, so they do it. Dogs are intelligent, and they would get attention when thy whine in a cute manner. But you should be careful in response, otherwise it would become an unwanted behavior.

Physical Needs

If you see your dog start whining suddenly for no reason, you must look out for a possible pain or distress. If this happens for more than 2 or 3 times, you better take him to a vet. Often dogs whine when they need to answer the nature’s call. House trained dogs wouldn’t urinate in their bed or anywhere in the room, so they would whine to express their frustration.

The whining of your dog largely depends upon the kind of response you give. So, now that you know why do dogs whine, its time to respond appropriately. Remember, don’t fall in their trickery. That is all from “Why Do Dogs Whine?“.



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