Why Do Dogs Fight – The Insights

Why Do Dogs Fight

Why Do Dogs Fight – The Insights

Why do dogs fight? This is a very important issue that needs to be addressed because dog fights are often violent and may result in some serious damage. Dog fight is one of those things you as a pet owner often witness. Not everyone can tell whether a dog is fighting or play fighting. Dog owners, specially new ones, can’t really tell when a dog fight is starting and how to get a hold of the dogs during and just before the fight. I have seen some very serious injuries sustained by people trying to stop a dog fight. It is always better to stop a fight before it even starts, because you wouldn’t want to be in the middle of the fight trying to stop.

Understanding The Difference Between Play Fighting & Fighting

While playing, there is always a chance of picking a fight. Any play session can end up in a fight, the chances of a fight may depend upon the grooming and socialization of dogs. Well socialized dogs would fight too often. The chances of a fight suddenly increases when a third dog is introduced in a play. Usually two dogs can gang up on the third dog. The first thing you can do to avoid the fights in the first place is to keep your dog away from such dogs that have a history of aggression.

Why Do Dogs Fight – Understanding The Nature

Why Do Dogs FightThe most common way to understand the body language of the dog is to observe the dog keenly. Most of the times dogs invite other dogs by “play bow”. In a play bow, a dog would bring its chest close to the ground and keep the hind legs straight up, this is basically a friendly way to ask for playing. Dogs use their mouth too much while playing, both in terms of voicing and coming in contact. This is quite normal and vocalization should not be considered as an act of aggression.

Dogs would bite one another on the neck while playing. But they don’t sink their teeth in to the skin. Their behavior is quite loose while playing but when it comes to fighting they are more focused. Their posture changes suddenly and they try to look larger from one another in order to look dominating. As the fight goes on, the aggression rises. With each dog trying to wound the other one.

Why Do Dogs Fight – The Reasons

If you try to answer the question that why do dogs fight, you can’t really single out one thing that is always the reason behind a fight. There are numerous reasons for dog fight. Sometimes a play gone too far or a dog attacking another one. Sometimes the reason is fighting for a food or a toy. Sometimes a dog feels threat from the other one and tries to neutralize it. The chances of a fight increase when you have got more than two dogs, two teaming on the third one. Or they can even fight for the attention of the owner.

You must always remember that the chances of dog fight increases abruptly when more than two dogs come into the play. Moreover, two dogs of same sex are more likely to fight with one another. In the very end I would say that a poorly socialized or poorly trained dog is always ready to fight. Now that you know why do dogs fight, you better look out when to intervene and finish a fight before it even starts.



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