Why Do Dogs Bark? – Explained


Why Do Dogs Bark?

There was a time when I used to get super annoyed by the excessive barking of my dogs. And I didnt have a clue how to stop them and why do dogs bark so much. After some research and study I finally understood the reason behind the excessive and unnecessary barking of dogs. Now I believe I should share what I learnt so many years ago. Lets jump straight to “Why Do Dogs Bark?”.

Understanding The Nature – Why Do Dogs Bark

How To Train Your Dog Not To BarkWhatever your dog does, there is a reason behind it. Just like that, dogs bark for a reason and we as pet owners should know the reasons behind their barking. There is always a reason behind the barking of your dog, except those who are very vocal or those having behavioral issues. Usually dogs have a lot to express when they bark. They would bark to seek your attention, they would bark to let you there is a stranger in the backyard. In short, there is always something that forces a dog to bark.

Barking for a reason can be tolerated, but completely unnecessary and inappropriate barking shouldn’t be tolerated and accepted. Before you take some serious steps to stop your dog from excessive barking, its better to know Why Do Dogs Bark?

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Why Do Dogs Bark?

Lets skim through the various reasons to know why do dogs bark.

Seeking Attention

Your dog may start barking in order to seek your attention. If you have two or more dogs at home, your dog would become more vocal if you are attending the order dog. Dogs can really feel the divided attention.

Out Of Sheer Frustration or Boredom

Your dog may start barking when he is super bored. I have experienced it when I had a Boxer few years back. He would start barking if I left him alone for a while. Often he started barking when he was forced to stay in a place for several hours. You see, dogs are active in nature and they need activities to stay active. You can’t just leave them alone for longer period of times.

Fear Factor

WHY DO DOGS BARKDogs are very curious in nature. Moreover, they have a strong listening and smelling sense. So, it is quite evident that your dog might start barking out of fear, or any suspicious thing that catches its attention. Dogs often get afraid of sudden louse noise. Moreover, dogs have a habit of barking at strangers.

Feeling Excited

Dogs are habitual of barking when they are super excited and happy. Expect your dog to bark and jump out of excitement.

Territory & Protectiveness

Dogs are part of the wolf family and they have that “territory” sense. Dogs would start barking if they notice the presence of an intruder in the backyard.

Health Issues

Your dog may be habitual of barking because of a Canine Cognitive Dysfunction or deafness, that causes  him to bark as he is unable to hear himself barking.

So, next time you get mad and angry at your dog, make sure you find out the reason behind it. I always love to hear your stories, recently I received a handful of interesting stories in my mail box. Keeping sending them, its always a fun to read. That’s all from “Why Do Dogs Bark”. Stay safe, stay blessed.



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