What Is The Best Dog Food For Boxers : Explained

Best Dog Food For Boxers

What Is the Best Dog Food for Boxers

Lets start a topic “What Is The Best Dog Food For Boxers”  Are you taking the right steps to ensure the best health of your boxer? Does your boxer gets the best and high quality food that he deserves? If not, the best way to start is to ensure your pooch gets the best boxer food with proper physical exercises. You have a lot of choices to consider when it comes to feeding your dog, but you must remember that not all boxers are same in weight and physicality. If you are unsure what is the best dog food for boxers then continue below to read our exclusive Best Dog Food For Boxers guide, I’m pretty sure you’ll benefit from this information.

What Is The Best Dog Food For Boxers

Before we jump straight into the best food for boxers, you must first take a look at the nutritional needs of a boxer and then understand its daily diet requirements.

Understanding The Nutritional Needs Of A Boxer

Boxer is a big sized dog breed that is known for its play hard and work hard style of living. They need fuel to keep the engines running at its full potential all day long, in simple words “they thrive on the diet”. Boxers require at least half an hour of exercise per day, and to accomplish that you need  to offer them the best dog food  for boxers. Dogs are descendants of wolves and usually they require a lot of protein intake to carry out the daily routine. You must always look for best dog food ingredients like calcium, taurine and L-carnitine in the top dog food for boxers.Best Dog Food For Boxers

Boxers are highly prone to the food allergies and you may notice your pooch getting allergic to some of the food you offer him, moreover their body might also show signs of allergy. This is why you must know what is the best dog food for boxers, as common ingredients like corn or soy can prove to be a bad choice for your dog.Best Dog Food For Boxers

Below you can take a look at the average nutritional needs for a boxer dog, and then you can answer the burning question, i.e. what is the best dog food for boxers.

Best Dog Food For Boxers


While you feed your boxer, you must always keep in mind that boxers need more protein than most of the dogs. Boxers being an active breed need a lot of protein to keep them up and running all day long. They require high energy levels to maintain that style and huge protein intake can help them sustain it.Best Dog Food For Boxers

If your boxer doesn’t get the minimum protein levels, their muscles strength starts decreasing and it wouldn’t do any good to your big boy. Many people find it hard to find a dog food that has a good amount of protein, as in markets most of the available dog food is low protein dog food. I would recommend a food that has at least 25% protein in it.


Boxers are one of those breeds that stay active even in their “old age” days and hence a well balanced natural diet is all what they need to keep going at old age. Boxers are not shy of eating anything taht comes their way, other than the ones that cause allergy.

What Is the Best Dog Food for Boxers : Carbohydrates & Fats

Best Dog Food For BoxersToo many grains in your dog food can lead to severe medical condition called bloat, and I would suggest you should avoid feeding your boxer with too many grains. Carbohydrates help in preventing weight gain in boxers, as overweight boxers often develop a hip trouble.

Sweet potatoes, Lentils and Beans are few of the safe and healthy sources of carbohydrates and they are in abundance in most of the best boxer dog foods.

Best Dog Food for Boxers : Dog Food Products

Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog

I will kick start our list with a well known dog food brand,” Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog“. This particular dog food is one of my personally recommended food product for boxers. It contains a 33% of protein which is just near perfect for the boxers. Its ingredients contain boneless chicken and turkey meal. Best Dog Food For Boxers

Moreover it contains near about 38% percents of car, relatively high for boxers but still not the worst, one of its plus point is that is completely grain free. It further contains natural fruit ingredients like apple, blue berries and carrots.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

Second in our list is a well known dog food brand, “Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food”. It contains a relatively low amount of protein, nearly 28%. Though it is not the best amount of protein for the boxers, still it is decent enough. The major protein source in this dog food product is bison, lamb meal and venison.

Royal Canin Dog Food

Best Dog Food For BoxersThe last one of  the “what is the best dog food for boxers” list is Royal Canin Dog Food. With a fair amount of protein, royal canin dog food is a better choice for boxers that many other food products that offer nearly the same kind of nutritional elements. Although this food product had a major recall from the markets back in 2007, after that it had a solid outing.

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Best Dog Food For Boxers : Conclusion

I will conclude it with one thing ,”More Proteins, Less Grains“. I would love to hear your experiences with your boxers, do sound off in comments.

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