Warning Signs of Depression In Dogs

Warning Signs of Depression In Dogs

Warning Signs of Depression In Dogs

We as humans can get depressed by all sorts of things. As a result we might stop eating, or we start eating too much to distract ourselves. You may seen people get fat due to depression as they eat too much. People would start crying unexpectedly. You may come across people who start to limit their social life, avoiding friends and family. Just like humans, dog also get depressed and there are plenty of things that can trigger depression. But, unfortunately dogs can’t express their emotions as we do. So, you need to look out for the Warning Signs of Depression In Dogs.

Warning Signs of Depression In Dogs

Warning Signs of Depression In DogsThough there isn’t any proper researches available on dog depression, but you can certainly tell a dog is depressed when he sleeps all day long in a corner after his pack mate dies. You may have read dozens of stories about dogs that aren’t the very same after their owner dies. Dogs can’t just walk up to you and express its feeling. So, you need to look out for the warning signs of depression in dogs.

Warning Signs of Depression In Dogs

Following are the warning signs of depression in dogs, look out for them to understand your dog’s emotional condition.

Sleeping All Day Long

Warning Signs of Depression In DogsDogs like to sleep a lot, this isn’t anything new. But, usually it happens when the owner is away. If you are away for work and get back home, if your dog doesn’t cheer up upon your arrival or he barely reacts towards your presence, there is definitely something wrong with him.

In such cases, you need to check him physically for a possible injury or pain. If you find nothing and his behavior stays like this , chances are that he is depressed.

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Change In Appetite

Dogs aren’t moody towards food, they like to eat. But, when they are sad they would care for food. Often they lose weight. On the other hand, some dogs would go crazy on food in case of depression.

Licking Paws

Excessive licking in dogs in connected to the psychological issues. Depressed dogs would often lick to chew their paws to distract them, or comfort themselves.

Loss Of Interest

Sudden loss of interest in playing, walking and other things that usually excites him points directly towards something gone wrong. An active dog suddenly becoming lazy or lethargic has something to do with depression.


Avoidance is another one of the warning signs of depression in dogs. Dogs usually like to socialize but if your dog want to stay alone, or keeps lying a silent corner, you should notice it. Usually it is either because of illness (mental illness/depression) or injury.

These are the warning signs of depression in dogs, next time if you notice any of these things make sure you find the root cause of depression. Dogs won’t express it, you need to find the clue.



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