Warning Signs Of A Heart Problem In Dogs

Warning Signs Of A Heart Problem In Dogs

Warning Signs Of A Heart Problem In Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also develop heart problems. And if these problems become a serious one, dogs can even lose their life. Not every pet parent is aware of all the signs and symptoms related to the heart issues, so I decided to create a complete list of warning  signs of a heart problem in dogs.

Common Warning  Signs Of A Heart Problem In Dogs

There are numerous possible symptoms that indicate towards a potential heart problem in your dog. A lot of these symptoms can be related to other issues, but you need to stay vigilant.

  • Swelled Belly – Refers to the fluid build-up in any of the organs. Most likely in the lungs.
  • Fatigue – Lethargic behavior, refusing to play or exercise.
  • Vomiting – This may refer to poor appetite.
  • Fever – A temperature above 103.5 degree Fahrenheit (39.7 degree Celsius).
  • Fainting – Decreased blood circulation towards the brain.
  • Heart Rate Increase – One of the dangerous signs that point to critical conditions.
  • Frequent Coughing – Just after the exercise time or play time means there is a problem going on.
  • Heavy Breathing – Showing difficulty in breathing while walking or running.
  • Bluish Tongue – Refers to a very poor flow of oxygen in the body.

Warning Signs Of A Heart Problem In Dogs

Tips For Heart Health – Warning  Signs Of A Heart Problem In Dogs

Warning Signs Of A Heart Problem In DogsIf you want to ensure proper health of your dog’s heart, you need to prevent heart diseases in every possible case. You can implement the following procedures to ensure proper health and decrease the chances of a cardiac arrest.

  • Regular Exercise – make sure your Fido engages in healthy activities and gets proper exercise.
  • Maintain Proper Body Weight – Make sure your dog doesn’t gets overweight.
  • Regular Body Check up – Regularly notice your pet’s behavior and body language.
  • Visit Your Vet – Regular checkups at vet will keep your dog’s heart healthy.

Be very careful about your dog’s health, particularly about the heart. This is what pumps life into him. Make sure you stay vigilant and keep an eye out for warning signs of a heart problem in dogs.



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