Treatment For Depression In Dogs

Treatment For Depression In Dogs

Treatment For Depression In Dogs

Treatment for depression in dogs is part THREE of the depression in dogs series, I highly recommend you to read the previous two parts to fully benefit from the whole series. Read Here.

In the previous blog post we covered the Causes of Depression In Dogs. Now that you are aware of the possible causes of depression in your dog, it is time to move to the treatment and diagnosis part. I would recommend you to make sure your dog doesn’t have any medication issues, as I discussed previously that medication is also a reason for depression in dogs. If you have figured out that the depression is due to the side effects of medication, you need to discuss it with your vet.

I hope you would have identified the reason behind the depression, if not keep finding it. As the treatment can’t be done if the causes are unknown or yet to be found. Regardless of the potential or possible reason, I will share all of the possible steps you can perform in the treatment for depression in dogs.

Treatment For Depression In Dogs – Explained

I would highly recommend you to use the antidepressant as a very last option. As they are quite powerful drugs and may alter their brain. You dog may become dependent to the drugs over time. Lets get straight to the treatment for depression in dogs.

Pay Extra Attention

Treatment For Depression In DogsGive your dog extra attention. This extra attention could change his mood, as he would feel important. Who doesn’t love importance? This extra attention would work wonders specially if you aren’t around to spend a lot of time with your pooch.

Care & Love

Be compassionate towards your fur baby. Your extra love and care would keep him happy and it would make him feel that he is importance.

Treats For Treatment

Your dog would be eating too much or too less during the depression. In case your dog has slowly lost interest in eating, you can offer him treats. Make sure you don’t overfeed him.

Play, Play & Play

Dogs loves to play, and specially when the owner is around. Play his favorite game every day. Your motive should be to change is mood, do what he likes, play what he love. You may want to take him outside in a park, it would be welcome change of environment.

Dog Walking

Treatment For Depression In DogsDogs become isolated and lazy when they are in depression. Lack of exercise further slows down the pet. Sometimes lack of exercise becomes a slight reason for depression. Dogs are active in nature, not meant to sit around all day long doing nothing. You must ensure your dogs get plenty of daily exercise. Give him a chance to rejuvenate himself by taking him out for a walk. Get him some fresh air. Do it every day.


If loosing of it’s companion is the cause of depression, getting him around other dogs at dog park might help him overcome the grief.

Time Is Money

Treatment For Depression In DogsYou will be amazed to see that sometimes something simple as giving more time to your pet can make him feel better and happy again. Make sure he gets plenty of it.

I mentioned the use of antidepressant as the last resort in the treatment for dogs in depression. I will discuss it in detail in the next part. I hope all of you lovely people would do anything to comfort your pet and get him out of depression.



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