Top 5 Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Food : Part I


Top 5 Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Food – Part I

I have personally seen a lot of people buying food without reading the food labels and ingredients that that are part of the food. People either buy a food after watching an advert or simply because it is suggested by some friend. I believe this isn’t the right way to do it, people don’t bother about the ingredients in the food but there are some ingredients that should not be a part of any dog food. To address this issue, PatMyPet brings you top 5 Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Food.

Top 5 Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Food

Do you have your dog’s food label right now? If no, then note down this page so that you can later check whether the ingredients to avoid are part of your food or not? Lets get started without taking any time.


First one on Top 5 Ingredients to avoid in dog food is exthoxyquin. Being a preservative, ethoxyquin is usually found in most of the dog food items. Research and vets have noticed that ethoxyquin is one of the reasons behind blindness, leukemia, liver and kidney damage. Moreover, it is also associated to the development of liver and stomach cancer.


Corn or corn syrup is often added to sweeten the taste of the food. Excessive use of sugar will ultimately result in a weight gain and may lead to diabetes. Moreover, corn can also lead to death as it can develop mold or fungus, being a very cheap filler it poses a huge threat to the dog’s health.


Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and/or Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) are very potent and deadly for dog health. BHA is also a preservative and a reason for kidney damage. While BHT is even more potent than BHA, and is a reason for cancer in dogs, and humans.

Propylene Glycol

This is one of those products that auto care persons would definitely know, yeah you guessed it right, it is found in the anti-freeze. This is used in dog food to prevent bacterial growth and reduce moisture. Dogs need intestinal bacteria, one of those few good bacteria, to digest the food but propylene glycol discourages the growth of that bacteria which results in digestion issues and may become a reason fro cancerous lesions within the intestines.

By Products

The last one of the Top 5 Ingredients to avoid in dog food is by products that should not be part of the dog food. By products are basically the remains of an animal that becomes a part of your dog’s food. Diseased tissues, tumors and organs are few of those frequent by products that shouldn’t be in dog food but they are.
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There are a lot more ingredients that must be reviewed, but I decided to only mention the Top 5 Ingredients to avoid in dog food. I will surely continue with this topic by publishing the Top 5 ingredients to avoid in dog food – part I. Always read the label before you buy dog food, also consult your vet about the ingredients in a food you wish to buy, if possible.

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