Top 5 Dog Walking Problems Solved

Top 5 Dog Walking Problems

Top 5 Dog Walking Problems Solved

Going out for a gentle stroll with your dog is a delightful experience and it plays an important part in developing pack leadership skills. Training your dog to master this technique will help it become a pack leader along with learning some responsibility traits. But dog walking isn’t an easy thing to pull off, dogs are playful in nature and they won’t be willing to listen to you every time. Facing similar problems ? Do you want to deal with the walking problems? If yes, then “Top 5 Dog Walking Problems Solved” is definitely for you.

Top 5 Dog Walking Problems : #1 Pulling On The Walk

Top 5 Dog Walking ProblemsThis is one of the most common problem that nearly everyone faces while on the walk. If you have a dog that pulls during walk, I have a solution for that. As you know that some dogs don’t really want a walk with you or they love to run every time they see a long stretch, in such situations set them free if there are no high speeding cars. Forcing him to walk would only develop a bad behavior of frequent pulling, but don’t surrender every time. Using collars is the best way to keep a hold of your dog.

Top 5 Dog Walking Problems : #2 Distracted On Walk

Smelling is one of those things dogs are good at. Dogs have a bad habit of stopping by everything to smell and sniff at it. To tackle this situation keep the leash very short but keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep it tight.

Top 5 Dog Walking Problems : #3 Lunging On the Walk

Top 5 Dog Walking ProblemsDogs have a curious nature and there are so many things that can excite them. So, you should always be ready for a sudden thrust from your dog. Lunging on a walk is very frequent, make sure you have collar tight enough to get a hold on the dog but loose and long enough that it wouldn’t hurt the dog when you need to stop him.

Top 5 Dog Walking Problems : #4 Stopping in the Middle

Top 5 Dog Walking ProblemsBefore taking out your dog for a walk, make sure your pooch isn’t exhausted and tired. Otherwise he would frequently stop in the middle and he will not be willing to go any further. Usually in summer time the temperatures go up and it further makes this activity more tiring and unattractive. So, make sure your dog isn’t tired when you take him out for a walk. Look for the right time to go for a walk when the sun is going down, you wouldnt want to go at 12 pm when the sun is shining ever so brightly to heap misery on you and your dog.

Top 5 Dog Walking Problems : #5  Not Interested

I have seen a lot of people failing to sense the mood of their dog, just like humans dogs are sometimes not in a mood of doing something. Forcing your pooch to walk when he is doing his stuff or getting some rest isn’t the best idea.



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