Top 5 Best Dog Collars of 2016

top 5 best dog collars of 2016

Top 5 Best Dog Collars of 2016

With the start of the new year, PatMyPet brings you the Top 5 Best Dog Collars of 2016. Dog collar is one of those essential things that you need from the very first day, without a dog collar you will never be able to take a hold of your pooch, especially outside. Market is full of different type of dog collars, and it is quite difficult for dog owners, especially new and first time pet parents to decide. What kind of dog collar you should buy depends upon a various factors.

The most important aspect that matters is type of your dog, moreover you should also consider your dog’s size and temperament before buying a dog collar. When I had a Labrador, I used a general type of collar, but I had bought a separate choke collar to use when we had a plan to go outside. However, the list we have compiled doesn’t have any choke collars, as they are not safe for all breeds. So, Lets take a look at the Top 5 Best Dog Collars of 2016.

Top 5 Best Dog Collars of 2016 List

Lupine Dog Collars

top 5 best dog collars of 2016Lupine Dog Collars comes on the first spot in the list, its also my preferred choice. My family have been using them for now a decade and these collars have proved to be the best choice. The best feature of these collars is their variety along with the free replacement of your dog chews on the collar.  This replacement is for lifetime, and their durability has literally no match. they come in different sizes and colors and last longer than you can expect.

Price : $8.87 and above

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PetMate Dog Collars

top 5 best dog collars of 2016PetMate collars come second in my Top 5 Dog Collars of 2016 list . They are a big brand that creates a lot of stuff other than dog collars and leashes, but this doesn’t distract their focus from creating brilliant and long lasting collars and leashes. Most of their collars are made of sturdy nylon, and they come in different sizes. One of the notable ones are adjustable collars that adjust as your dog grows.

Price : $6.46 and above

The Good Dog Company Dog Collars

top 5 best dog collars of 2016Hemp Dog collars are very strong and durable that last ages. Developed with a special fiber, hemp collars are very sturdy and last more than you can expect. They create collars in variety of textures and designs.

Price : $17.18 and above

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Up Country Dog Collars

top 5 best dog collars of 2016The second last listing in the Top 5 Best Dog Collars of 2016 is Up Country Dog Collars. Their unique designs and textures make a style statement. Up Country collars are washable and fray resistant. Up County dog collars are exclusively made in US.

Price : $13.30 and above

Harry Barker Dog Collar

top 5 best dog collars of 2016Harry Barker is a reputed company in Dog Accessories category. They have received an award for sustainability of their fabrication. The company’s dog collars have a special feature of quick release, whenever your pooch gets snagged in a fence, this collar would automatically come off to avoid any injury to the dog.

Price : $22-$24

This “Top 5 Best Dog Collars of 2016” is part of our new publication series, the next publication will focus on Top 5 Best Dog Leashes of 2016. Stay tuned.



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