The Story Of Alaskan Husky Puppies

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The Breed

When we discussed the “Alaskan Husky Puppies” there is no such breed for them. It is the combination of different northern species that belongs to different bloodlines. They belong to Alaska they are mainly known as sled dogs. Their breed was thousands of years old. Many people believe that their generation is taken from native village dogs that mostly lived in northern areas. Some people also say that there is wolf blood in them. Mostly the purpose of keeping these dogs is work. But sometimes, they are also used in rescue and shelters, however, not used as pets. The breed of these puppies is not a pure breed, so these are not mostly recognized by the dog’s organization. But the species of this breed are much faster than others and mostly cost $15,000 in dog racing activity. As they are not true breeders they show, differ behavior and characters. They mostly are of medium height, skinny and have a balanced body with curled tail shown in northern areas puppies. The eyes color of these puppies is usually of brown and light colors. Their ears are erect and easily listen the slightest noises around its environment.

The Body

The legs of Huskies are much stronger and the total weight of their body distributed equally. So, they can easily cover the long distances and pull over the load without any problem. There is a covering of thick hair on their body which protects them from cold areas. There are no standards for heights and weight in them. Mostly the height is 20 to 24 inches in males and 19 to 22 inches in females is regular in these dogs. Similarly, the weights according to the stats in males are 46 to 60 pounds and 38 to 42 pounds in the female, but it is expected amount also. In general, these puppies are very loving, enthusiastic and lively.

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Huskies are better known for the sledge pulling in Siberia.

Because of this behavior, it is easy to train them according to the trainee desires. Their training needs perfect guidance and a little motivation towards the puppies. So, they are more concerned and active towards the action. They also have this behavior that they are lovable towards humans. And as they are living with different types of dogs for the breed they also tolerate other animal’s behavior. However, due to their wolf heritage, they show aggressive behavior towards small animals like cats. They are very interested in doing the daily task that is given by trainee. The problem occurs when they get bored or unhappy because their trainee does not give him any attention and exercise. They are happy at the outdoor places and in dog sports, but it is necessary that they are not over-exercised in hot weathers.

The Health

The “Alaskan Husky Puppies” are usually healthy one but as they are not pure breeders they show some of the genetic issues that are mostly retinal atrophy and hypothyroidism. And to cure the diseases they need the quick attention of the caretaker towards them. They are very sensitive during their days of sickness. The life span that is present in most of the species of husky puppies is from 12 to 14 years.

Best Dog Food For HuskiesThe facts about the Alaskan puppies are that they are confused with the Siberian Husky. It is because they are similar in appearance but differ in most of the ways. As the thing which easily differ both of them is their eyes color. The Alaskan having brown eye color while the Siberian are of blue or mixing of blue and brown eye color which make it is easy to distinguish both of them.



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