Symptoms of A Sensitive Stomach Explained

Symptoms of a sensitive stomach

Symptoms of A Sensitive Stomach Explained

Symptoms of a sensitive stomach in dogs don’t vary much in all the breeds but some of the symptoms can be mistaken for another health issue or they can be completely mistaken for sensitive stomach. In order to clear out the confusion, I intend to write comprehensively on the symptoms of a sensitive stomach.

You may have noticed your dog vomiting more than usual  or it may be having gastric issues. Does it signal towards a sensitive stomach? Does passing gas is strong enough reason to think of this issue as a sensitive stomach.

Symptoms Of A Sensitive Stomach

The only good thing about stomach sensitivity in my opinion is the easily understandable signs of the issue, of course easy when you have a thorough knowledge.

Symptoms of a sensitive stomachVomiting

If your dogs vomits occasionally then it isn’t a sign of worry, but it is a very first signal that something has gone wrong inside. If vomiting couples with diarrhea, then you need to pay a visit to a vet.


Diarrhea is one of those issues that are always related to stomach sensitivity. IMO, loose stool is the very first sign of stomach sensitivity. Your dog might suffer from diarrhea after a recent change in diet, or an improper shift to a new diet.


Dogs have a high tendency to release gases soon after eating. Some dogs have a bad habit of eating too fast which results in improper digestion and hence they releases gases. On the other hand, your dog may have a sensitive stomach because of low quality dog food or inconsistent diet.

Read more on proper dog diet.

Eating Grass – Symptoms of a Sensitive Stomach

Dogs usually eat stomach to aid the upset stomach. But, sometimes eating grass is the culprit. Often I have seen dogs eating grass end up vomiting. The reason is the grass blades that tickle the stomach lining, hence resulting in vomiting.

Food Inconsistency

Symptoms of a sensitive stomachOne of the major reasons for sensitive stomach is food inconsistencies. Some dogs are allergic to grains and soy while a lot of dog foods contain protein sources from allergy producing sources. As per my experience, majority of the stomach sensitivities take place in the very first place due to a imbalance and low quality dog food. To address this issue, recently I wrote a very detailed post on the best dog foods available in the market, read more at Top 10 Best Dog Foods For Sensitive Stomach 2016.

Some Quick Tips For Sensitive Stomach

  • If your dogs shows signs of vomiting and diarrhea, start feeding boiled rice and chicken.
  • Canned yogurt also serves good in such condition.
  • Pumpkin is another good option for diarrhea, as yogurt and pumpkin replace the good bacteria lost during diarrhea.

If your dog still shows no signs of recovery, or the vomiting and diarrhea doesn’t stops, it is time to visit your vet. Your vet will conduct several tests and most probably tackle down the reason for the stomach sensitivity.



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