Should You Cut Your Dog’s Hair In Summer?

Should You Cut Your Dog's Hair In Summer

Should You Cut Your Dog’s Hair In Summer

Should you cut your dog’s hair in summer? This is one of those confusing questions that come to your mind in summer. As the summer season is fast approaching, heat wave is expected to rise. Summer is no doubt the best time for your pet, as it brings a lot of fun and enjoyment. But, along with the fun and all the activities you need to take care of your pooch. Summer brings a lot of risks too.

You need to be well prepared for the summer season as it poses threat to your dog’s health. There is a common perception that shaving your dog’s hair would do him a favor. But in reality it isn’t a good idea. You wouldn’t do any good to your Fido by shaving his coat. If you ask me should you cut your dog’s hair in summer then my answer will be a big NO.

Should You Cut Your Dog’s Hair In Summer?

Should You Cut Your Dog's Hair In Summer The whole idea of shaving your dog’s coat to avoid heat is a completely false idea. It seems like a fair enough idea and makes sense too. But the situation is quite the opposite to what you really think. A dog’s coat provides an insulation which helps your Fido when it is too hot and also when it is too cold. Dog’s coat protects the skin from sunburns. Dog’s coat has numerous layers that are essential for thermoregulation, which keeps the blood running and regulating in the body.

Moreover, dog’s skin is not like human skin. Unlike human skin, which has a lot blood vessels and sweat glands all over, dog skin doesn’t have a dense vessels and sweat glands. Dogs have their sweat glands in their footpads. Shaving your pet for summer is only going to expose their skin to the blazing hot sun. Well maintained and well brushed coats ensure good air circulation through the air, which actually produces a nice cooling effect.

Next time before you ask yourself should you cut your dog’s hair in summer, remember it is only going to disturb the natural pre-built system. I and most vets would forbid you to shave your pet in summer, but if you really want it then at least keep an inch long hair on the body.



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