Puppy Toilet Training : Tips for Better Results

puppy toilet training

Toilet training your puppy is a matter of patience, you need to build an adoptable routine and the rest would go smoothly. To be honest, puppy toilet training is a very simple process, you just need to be patient, cool and collected as it takes time for fluff to understand the flow of things and routine.

In the very early days you should orchestrate the training routine as per the needs of your pet. Puppies have a very predictable behavior in certain things at early age, and it gets less predictable as they age. Young dogs usually have to urinate as soon as they wake up, so your presence is necessary when your pup is up and running. The habits of your puppy after having a meal are predictable too, what I have learned from my Personal experience is that puppies need to urinate in a timeframe of 15 to 25 minutes after they had a meal. Their digestive system stimulates as they eat, and they require your attention after every meal. However, the time frame may vary from breed to breed, or even individuals from the same breed.

When it comes to toilet training your puppy you need to understand the anatomy of a youngpuppy toilet training dog and it’s behavior. Puppies have child like behavior, they have a very poor bladder control and they need to empty it once in every hour or two. What I have noticed from my personal experiences is that puppies won’t hesitate to urinate instantly irrespective of the place when they get excited. So, make sure you take your puppy out regularly, if not every day.

The early days require your deepest attention, that might be quite testing for you but this is the foundation you are laying for the rest of you and your puppy’s life. You must be aware of when your puppy sleeps, eats, wakes up and urinates. I regularly used cue words for my puppy during its training, i used to say “poo poo” when the pet was urinating. You can also use these kind of words to train your pet, use different cue words for different activities. In their early age puppies needs to be instructed or tutored for nearly every task. Make sure you introduce the toilet area of your house in the very start, so that you can avoid random pitfalls in the house or lawn area.

Puppies usually get anxious or uneasy when they need to pee, so you can tell it from a simple gaze. Your training will go nowhere if wont anticipate their needs. They tend to walk in circles or sniffing in the corners when they need to urinate, so should observe them and act accordingly. As soon as you notice any of the mentioned actions, you need to leave everything and take your pup to the toilet area.

Just like children, puppies understand when their actions are being praised so make sure you praise your pup when it relieves itself. If your puppy urinates inside the house, you must let the puppy know that you are not pleased because of the puddle.

What To Avoid During Puppy Toilet Training?

puppy toilet training
A young puppy needs to urinate at least 10 to 12 times a day
  • Make sure you never praise your dog when its eating, it may lead to bad eating habits and may result in over feeding as your pet would want more.
  • Don’t feed them at odd times.
  • Dont use salty foods, it makes them urinate more in comparison to normal food.
  • Never ever punish your pet too much for indoor acts, it may make it reluctant to toileting in your presence, even when you two are outside.
  • Don’t expect your pup to tell you when they need anything, you should be wise enough to know what they need.
  • Don’t expect your puppy to pass the whole night without the need to pee in their very early age.
  • Associating wrong cue words for their habits.

Puppy Toilet Training Methods

You can toilet train your pet by adopting different methods, below are the methods I used when my dog was in its early days. 

Paper Training:

You can train your pet for toileting on Wee-Pads specifically made to serve this purpose. Praise them when use the paper or pad for the ACT and ignore it when they ignore the pad. Puppies usually needs toileting nearly 10 to 12 times a day, so you have plenty of opportunity to train them. 

Crate Training:

Another method that I used to train my puppy was the use of puppy playpen training, its a very effective method and your puppy learns to toilet on its own. This method teaches the puppies to wait for the act in their own specific place before they do anything else.

All in all, whatever approach you use to toilet train your pet, make sure you stick to a routine. Toilet Training falls in to the General Training Category and if you are not determined to stick to a routine, chances are that your pet develop some habits that shouldn’t be there in the first place. The Bottom line is that you need to stick to puppy toilet training until you are sure that your puppy has learnt what to do and what not to.

Sound off your experiences about the issues you faced in toilet training your pet, write down what methods you used to train your pet in the comments, I would love to hear your experiences.



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