Neutering Your Male Dog – Goods And Bads

Neutering Your Male Dog

Neutering Your Male Dog – Goods And Bads

Have you been told that neutering your male dog is absolutely necessary? Have you been told neutering your male dog is all about positives and no negatives? Did they tell you that neutering should be done as early as possible. If YES, then you are certainly at the right place as we are going to discuss every question related to Neutering a Male Dog.

When it comes to neutering your male dog, there are number of risks associated to it, it isn’t all perfect procedure, it has its negatives too and without taking any more time, lets jump straight in to the positives of neutering your male dog.

Positives of Neutering A Dog

Neutering Your Male DogNeutering is also referred as de-sexing or castrating and both of these aforementioned terms are related to the removal of testicles so that your male dog can’t breed.

  • neutering your male dog would mean lower licensing fees.
  • neutering your male dog reduces the aggression level. Male dogs are usually dominating and removing the testicles reduces the amount of testosterone which is the reason for many unwanted behaviors.
  • neutering a male dog calms down the pet when he is around un-spayed females. Non-neutered males usually consider every female as a breeding partner, and he wouldn’t hesitate to climb over every female dog. When a female is in heat, its really hard to take control of a non-neutered male.
  • neutering a male dog takes away the attention from other dogs, especially females. Non-neutered males often pay too much of attention towards other dogs and they look at males as potential rivals and they consider every female as a mating partner.
  • neutering your male dog would definitely reduce sexual behavior. You would never want your dog to lick it’s gentiles in front of others, and specially children. A non-neutered dog may climb over a stuffed toy and believe me its so embarrassing.
  • neutering your male dog would greatly reduce the chances of prostrate disorders.


Negatives of Neutering A Dog

  • neutering your male dog increases the risk of obesity THREE times in contrast to a non-neutered male.
  • neutering your male dog increases the risk of life threatening cancer known as hemangiosarcoma that attacks the heart.
  • neutering a male dog increases the risk of Hypothyroidism THREE times. Removing the reproductive hormones upsets the hormonal abnormality and which results in reduced thyroid levels.

Neutering Your Male DogIf you neuter your dog at the wrong age, it will greatly increase the risk of bone cancer and hip dysplasia. Neutering your dog at an early age would result in uneven bone growth which makes a dog vulnerable to hip dysplasia.

So, if you decide to neuter your dog, make sure you keep these things in mind and always consult a vet before making any major decision. Happy Parenting!



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