My Pet Accessories : Must Have Puppy Accessories

Must Have Puppy Accessories

My Pet Accessories : Must Have Puppy Accessories

Congratulations on becoming a pet parent, I hope you would be excited to start a new chapter in your life. Now that your pet is with you in your house, now consider providing it with the necessities of life. If you are a first time puppy parent then the choices available in the market would be confusing as the you’ll find a lot of variety. You’ll be simply blown away by the variety of accessories if you walk through a pet store. The products present in the market would be tempting and confusing, to make this matter easy for you, Pat My Pet recommends you the following things to start with.

Leash And Collar

The very first thing you need for a puppy would be a collar and leash, in my opinion dog parenting is incomplete without it. Collar is more like a registration number of your pet, just like the number plate on the car. Collar contains your puppy’s license, your name and contact details. The collar is then attached to a leash that helps you to take a hold of your pet while walking.

Must Have Puppy Accessories
Leash plays a vital role in training your pet.

The very first collar you buy for your pup should be a nylon made collar, and it shouldn’t be too tight that it might choke your puppy, as young ones are weak and prone to physical damage. And the collar shouldn’t be so loose that your pup might slip through it. I would recommend you my personal practice. I put my two fingers on my pup’s neck and then I tighten the collar, it perfectly sits on my puppy’s neck, not so tight and not so loose. You would need t buy several collars as your puppy would outgrow the earlier ones as it gets older.

Leash is used to take control of your pet, it also plays a major role in training your pet. No matter what leash you choose, make sure it is strong and easy to grip. I personally use a 4 foot leash that has a reliable hardware that connects to the collar.


Puppy Crates

Must Have Puppy Accessories
Puppy crates aid you keep an eye on the dog

After you bring your puppy home, the first thing that you need inside the house is a dog crate. It plays a vital role in puppy toilet training as well as house manners. Dog crates help you confine your young pooch in a specific area so that you can monitor and house train it. In market you’ll find crates made of plastic, glass and stainless steel. The crates made of plastic and glass would provide security to your pup while stainless steel crates last for ages. Personally I use a fiberglass crate because it is safe for travelling, more cozy and easy to clean, moreover I can look at my pup all the times through the glass.

One thing you should take into consideration is the size of the crate. It should be big enough so that your puppy can stand and lie down easily, but it shouldn’t be spacious enough that it defecate in one corner and sleep at the other, this leads to developing a very bad habit.

Dog Beds

Just like you, your puppy would need a comfy place to take a nap at night and you should make the arrangements for it. You would want him to sleep in the crate during the house training period. Small beds also known as bumper beds are specifically designed to address this purpose. They’ll keep your puppy cozy and warm while he is asleep. After the house training is complete, your puppy is now eligible to sleep on proper dog beds, you’ll have a wider range of dog beds to choose from. Most beds available in the market have removable and washable covers, that can be cleaned and reused. I personally use this kind of beds, it saves me money and the cleanliness is also maintained.

Must Have Puppy Accessories
Dog beds are essential, they keep the young pooch comfy during the night

Puppies have strange habits in their early days, some would start eating their own poop while some start to chew or bite off the stuffing on the bed, just like human children love to eat dirt or sand. If you encounter such a situation, remove your pup form the bed and shift him to the crate and use a blanket to cover him up to make him feel cozy and warm during the nights, puppies have poor bladder control so blanket would serve them good.

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Food Bowls

You’ll need water bowls and food bowls from the very first day, this is another thing you’d need from the Day 1. You might get confused upon seeing the variety of bowls, at any pet store you’d be presented bowls made of plastic, stainless steel, ceramic and glass bowls that come in all different sizes.

Must Have Puppy Accessories
Stainless steal food bowl is durable, reliable easy to wash

Every build material has its pros and cons, if you are looking for an inexpensive option then I would recommend a plastic bowl, but make sure it is strong enough to hold the weight of the food. Pet Bowl, be it water or food, should be a washable one. If you choose a plastic one then there are chances that it might contaminated by bacteria, so buy such plastic bowl that is a dishwasher- safe bowl.

Ceramic or glass bowls are expensive and breakable too. What I personally use is a stainless steel bowl, an expensive yet reliable and long term investment. It doesn’t breaks, neither it shows signs of wear and tear nor it gets contaminated.


Grooming Items And Toys

Your puppy would need things that are essential for grooming, they help young pups to learn how to behave during a certain process. You would need shampoo and other bath supplies as your pet would need regular washing, you would need combs and brushes for his fur. Below are the useful and necessary pet grooming items :

  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Blow Dryer
  • Ear Cleaning Solution
  • Nail Clippers
  • Shampoo
  • Towels
  • Dog paste and toothbrush
Must Have Puppy Accessories
Pet supplies help them learn how to behave as per the situation

This list can grow but I have listed only the must have items. I would recommend that you should atleast have these supplies. Puppies love to play, and they are very fond of stuffed toys. One of the must have toy is plastic or tennis ball, its like an eternal combination. You would definitely want to have a flying disc or Frisbee for your pooch. The toy list can go on and on, there are plenty of more things that can be added to the toy list but these two, balls and disc, are must have puppy accessories. I like to keep the things balanced as I know that not all pet parents have same budget to spend on their pets, so I keep the things to the recommended and must have categories.

I hope the first time pet parents would have definitely benefitted from this information, please share your experiences about buying pet supplies. If you think I have missed anything, please mention those must have pet accessories. Happy parenting !



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