Low Protein Dog Food & Kidney Diseases

low protein dog food

Pet Care is a serious and noteworthy issue, specially when it comes to dealing with pet diseases. Diseases in pet are for real and if not taken seriously can lead to worst cases, and possibly death too. Today’s edition focuses on the pets with kidney malfunctioning and kidney diseases, to be more precise “kidney diseases in dogs “. Last time we took a detailed look at what and how of low protein dog food, it’s time to build on it.

Low Protein dog diet is recommended by pets for a number of reasons. There is a general perception amongst people that you should switch to low protein food when your pet (dog) starts to age, but this isnt completely the true thing. There could be other reasons for that too, and the most important reason is in case of kidney issues. If your pet is suffering from kidney diseases then surely your vet would recommend low protein dog food. There are a variety of different kidney diseases in dogs, some of the main kidney diseases are mentioned below.

The list goes on but the above ones are the most frequently found kidney issues found in dogs.

Kidney Disease: What To Know?

Before you jump into the solution of dog’s kidney issues, you need to know about the low protein dog foodreasons behind the kidney failure and basic know how of the dog’s kidney functioning. Everyday your pet intakes a certain amount of food into the body, and the metabolic system plays its part to keep the body and digestive system stay healthy. After the consumption of food, the pet’s body produces numerous waste toxins that should leave the body to avert the increase of toxins and prevent illness. In normal circumstances the toxins usually end up in the kidney where they get separated via filtration and leaves the blood and join the urine to eventually leave the dog’s body.

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A dog having perfect health condition would produce intense urine to take out most of the toxins. The issue becomes serious when the dog’s kidney suffers a disease and loses its efficiency and operational capabilities. A failing or diseased kidney starts to malfunction and it requires more amount of water to take out the toxins out of the body, in this scenario the pet would need more water to keep the toxins from building up in the body. The real issue raises its head when your dog can’t take any more of water and the toxins start to build up in the body and there is no process to take them out, eventually the amount of harmful toxins starts to rise. This doesn’t stops here, it leads to decreased food intake, low appetite and weight loss, lethargic behavior and frequent vomiting.

low protein dog food

One notable thing to look at it is the process of kidney failure. Kidney failure doesn’t happens abruptly, it occurs in stages. Researchers say that the advanced stages/forms of the failure is not as same as the early stages. The International Renal Interest Society have devised a 4 stage chart to explain the stages of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Kidney at risk


Pre failure Stage

Stage 1 CKD

Serene failure Stage

Stage 2 CKD

Temperate failure stage

Stage 3 CKD

Severe failure Stage

Stage 4 CKD

< 1.4 < 1.4 < 1.4 – 2.0 < 2.1 – 5.0 > 5.0


Now that you know what’s the insight and inside story, its time to know what are the best and recommended diets for a dog having kidney issues.

The Diet Part: What’s Best For Your pet?

Vets recommend different types of diet depending upon the stages of kidney disease. No two pets will have same diet plan having different kidney stages, so it is recommended to consult an experienced vet for the pet. Because, a pet diet for different kidney disease stage may prove to be very harmful for your pet that is in a different stage, so go for the “prescribed for your dog only” diet. And in most cases, the vet would recommend low protein dog foods for your pet.

Early Stage Diet:

For earlier stages of kidney disease, a very restricted diet plan is followed. The restricted diet plan is to minimize the possible muscle loss.

Later Stage Diet:

For the dogs in advanced stages of renal diseases, a certain set of diet has proved to help the pets live longer. Though, you can’t single out a specific diet component to name it as the most significant one in the longevity of the pet’s life.

Low Protein Dog Foods & Renal Disease:

Researchers at the IRIS suggest the restricted amount of protein in dog food help them live better and feel better. Vets recommend to start feeding the low protein dog food when you first come to know about the issue, and start decreasing the amount of it with the passage of time. Researches show that the use of low protein dog diet slows the kidney wear and tear and increase the longevity of their functions.

Till now you know that you need to feed a LPD dog here comes the important part, how to choose a quality low protein diet for dogs. You have two options, one is to go to the market and buy stuff as prescribed by the vet, and the second one is to prepare a homemade low protein dog food.

low protein dog food

Low Protein Dog Food Buying Tips:

Firstly, consult your pet to know how much protein your dog can intake, then go to the market and find the suitable products. Don’t prefer a diet having high amounts of chemical ingredients, go for the ones having a blend of natural and chemical ingredients to maintain a balance. Remember, dont stray from the prescription plan just because you heard good words about a company or brand, rather choose the a brand or food as per the limitations of the prescription plan.

If you have any question to ask then shoot them right away, I’ll be more than pleased to answer them. Do sound off in comments, do share it with your friends and family, after all its for you and your loved ones (pets).



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