Low Protein Dog Food : Are They Useful?

Low Protein Dog Foods : Are they Useful?

For years, low protein dog food have been considered controversial, there is a large majority of vets that do not recommend low protein foods for the healthier pets. If your pet has recommended a low protein diet for pet then surely your pet has been diagnosed from a disease. Low Protein Foods are recommended only to aid the pet suffering from any particular disease. The case with High Protein Dog Food is not the same, they are mostly recommended as an allergy free and grain dog diet. Below, we take a detailed look at the LPD food and find out whether they are good for your pet or not.

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Low Protein Dog Food : What and How?

Low protein food is mainly manufactured in two distinct categories, dry and canned varieties. The protein levels are considerably lower than the normal everyday dog food. Low Protein Diet is recommended by vets to address health issues in dogs. However, it doesn’t means that you cant feed your dog a low protein dog food, dogs do require 25 percent protein in their food and you can use some of the low protein dog food as prescription drugs. Without the recommendation of a vet, the use of LPD food can make your healthy pet sick, so its best advised to use after consulting a vet you are regularly visiting to address the health issues. If you are considering to use low level protein food, make sure the protein level is appropriate and don’t make an abrupt change in the diet, dogs do not go well with a sudden change in the diet. The best practice is to start with 75-25 percentage, use 75 percent of old diet and add 25 percent of the new one, if your dog easily accept this change then slowly increase the percentage of the new diet and decrease the percentage of the older one. Do check the dog’s feces, they might get loose motion during the change in diet plan.

Why Your Pet Might Need Low Protein Food

Your vet might prescribe low protein diet for a number of reasons. A majority of people think that you should switch to low protein food as your dog starts to age, well this is not entirely true. The use of LPD food is obvious in case of addressing certain health issues. Vets recommend low protein food for dogs if the dogs had one of the following diseases.

If your dog’s kidneys are not working properly, there are bright chances that your pet will develop one of the kidney diseases as they can’t excrete the toxins via urinary duct. In such cases the kidneys have to work hard, thus leading to a kidney failure. But, upon the digestion of controlled amount of low protein food, you can limit the amount of toxins produced. In such scenario the body and particularly the kidneys don’t have to work on the limits all the time.

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When To Start Feeding a Low Protein Dog Food?

“If your dog has suffered kidney failure and is in the late stages then you should be feeding your pet with a food that contains low levels of protein, sodium and phosphorous and with balanced levels of calcium.”

If your dog is suffering from uremia, the body will produce uremic toxins that are the major cause of fatigue in dogs, using low levels of protein in your pet’s food will avert the effects of nausea.

Is Any Low Protein Food Sufficient?

Try not to find a food that contains low levels of protein, but look for one that has a high quality too. The compromise on quality isn’t acceptable. You should consider following important things while choosing a Low protein dog food.

Make sure the food you select has low phosphorous levels. Higher levels of phosphorus can result in nutritional imbalance. Upon digestion, Phosphorus remains in the body and can cause a disproportion amongst potassium and calcium.

Choose a food that has high levels of Vitamin D3.

Calcium is very important for bones, food containing low amount of calcium can result in weaker bones and may lead to bone fractures. So, make sure you choose a food that has a high level of calcium.

Consult your vet and ask him how much protein your pet can intake. This is very important because your pet might not be able to digest a certain amount of protein, even if it is still low in protein. An ideal amount of protein intake will lead to lesser production of toxins, minimizing the overall work rate of the body.

Prefer natural ingredients over the chemically manufactured ones. Because, all the toxins produced in the body are to be cleaned through the kidney, so natural foods with no chemical preservatives will reduce the strain on the delicate organs.

Low Protein Dog Foods

How to Follow a Prescription Plan?

This might be one of the major issues you’ll face upon feeding a low protein diet to your pet. Basically dogs tend to dislike the low protein food. In low protein food, most of the flavor is in the form of protein, so if that is removed from diet the food becomes tasteless and this make your fluff a choosy eater. If your dog is not comfortable with the taste of the food, consult your vet rather than using scraps. Scraps usually have high level of protein if you mix it with the food then there is no point in feeding your pet with lower levels of protein. So, wise decision is to go with your vet’s decision.

If you think we missed any of the points, please mention them in comments. If your dog is suffering from one of the diseases we mentioned, share your story with us. Share your opinions in the comment section and share this with your friends and family if you find it a nice piece of information on Low Protein Dog Foods.

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