Low Fat Dog Food – Good or Bad ?

Low Fat Dog Food

Low Fat Dog Food – Good or Bad ?

One of the most popular human dietary trend is the use of low fat food, and in recent times it has become ever so popular, nearly every food available in the market is low fat, but this trend isn’t just restricted to humans. A lot of dog food companies have introduced low fat dog food in the market, and you can easily access them in nearly everywhere.

But, the big question is “Are they better for your dog’s health?”, “Do they really do any good to your dog’s health?.” Lets find out.

Low Fat Dog Food – Are They Useful?

Before I start to discuss the question, it is important for you to know what might be good for your dog and what isn’t good. It can depend upon your age, health and breed of your dog. Low Fat Dog FoodJust to make things easy for you to understand I would like to point out the fact that saturated fats cause clogged arteries and possibly heart attacks in humans. Thankfully, this isn’t a case with dogs.

Dog family is somewhat resistant to strokes and artery diseases, and high fat diet rarely causes any circulatory issues in dogs. But, in some cases dogs can show high cholesterol levels. It isn’t any bad as the artery blocking in humans, in very rare cases it becomes a threat.

Low Fat Dog Food – Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol in dogs is mainly High density cholesterol (HDL), which is commonly known as “The Good Cholesterol“. Low Fat Dog FoodThis good type of cholesterol helps dogs to prevent the potentially life threatening plaque that is commonly present in human artery walls. In simple words, most of the dogs can handle the moderate amount of fat in their diet with an ease, especially when the fat comes from a natural meat source. Furthermore they can prove to be a valuable source of energy, and arguably the very best source of essential fatty acids.

When It Becomes A Problem?

Although high fat diet means no harm to dogs, there a couple of specific medical conditions where you should avoid feeding high fat diets.

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Low Fat Dog Food – Final Thoughts

A moderate and reasonable amount of fats is part of healthy diet for most dogs, excluding ones having medical conditions. I would say you can use low fat dog food as long as it contains enough fat needed for the proper working of the body, anything less than that is not recommended.



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