Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs – Dog Breed 101

Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs

Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs – Dog Breed 101

Long haired german shepherd dogs are result of a rare genetic fault, that causes long hairs to grow all over the body. For ages they haven’t been recognized as a proper pet dog but, now these long haired german shepherd dogs are becoming increasingly popular among pet parents. Mainly because of their silky and shiny long hair. People from all over the world are fascinated by these beautiful long hair that are as fluffy as a cat’s fur. It is not just the long hair that attracts the most, the variety of color also catches the eyes of many.

Long Haired German Shepherd – Knowing the Breed

While their long hair is a distinct feature, they are just the same beneath the long and fluffy coat. Long haired german shepherd dogs are mostly similar to their cousin, the regular german shepherd dog. Male long haired german shepherd dog weighs between 66 to 89 pounds while their female counterparts weigh 51 to 72 pounds. Their perfectly balanced size and height makes them a sheer beauty. Speaking of the height, the male long haired german shepherd dog grows to the height of 24 – 26 inches, while females can grow up to 22 – 24 inches in height.

Long Haired German Shepherd DogsThe most common and notable difference in regular german shepherd and long haired german shepherd dog is the texture and length of the hair. The long haired german shepherds don’t have a undercoat like the regular ones, which makes them a bit sensitive to heat and cold. Though it makes the coat shiny, but it also makes them prone to hard or severe weather conditions. Due to this lack of extra protection, long haired german shepherd dogs don’t make up for a good hunter. And they aren’t any good for herding either.

Health Issues Related to Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs

As I mentioned the lack of undercoat in the LHGS (long haired german shepherd) dogs, health issues are common when it comes to weather severity. Other than that, long haired german shepherds have nearly the same health issues as their regular counterparts. They suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia which is common in regular sized dogs. In addition, they also suffer from digestion problems and eczema.

Life Expectancy of Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs

Usually the long haired german shepherds live up to an average of 11.5 years. Their life circle ranges somewhere between 9 – 13 years in general. The normal age of any dog depends upon the quality of their life. If long haired GSD are brought up properly and well cared, they can easily touch the 12 year mark. In their later years, doctors and vets recommend regular medical checkups and examinations.

Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs
Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs are great choice for city dwellers.

Psychology of Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs

Like every other dog, long haired german shepherd dogs require consistent emotional attachment to (one of) their owners. Long haired GSD have a great temperament and they are always willing to obey their owners. If compared to the standard German shepherd dog, long haired german shepherds are better in temperament, but they don’t make a good outside dog. They constantly require humans for interaction, which makes them a great choice for an indoor dog. Long haired GSDs are very playful, they like to stay active and play with toys. One of my favorite feature of long haired german shepherd dogs are their loyalty and bravery. If confronted, they show incredible bravery in such conditions.

On the other side, they don’t make such good outdoor dogs mainly because of their excessive emotional attachment with family members. Since long haired GSDs don’t have undercoat, it makes them perfect choice for city dwellers, who want to enjoy the company of a playful dog, or an exercise companion.

Exercising The Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs

Both standard german shepherds and long haired german shepherd dogs require daily exercise to keep them up and running all day long. You will be amazed by the energy level of this dog breed, they have a lots and lots of it. Although they are great indoor dogs, you will need to take them out so that long haired GSDs can burn their energy.

You can either play catch or Frisbee with them. Taking out for a morning jog is always an option if you are an early riser.

Grooming A Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs

You might be surprised by the amount of hair they shed, its natural and you don’t need to take it as a some kind of hair loss condition. If you are planning to bring a long haired german shepherd dog into your home soon, you better get prepared for regularly cleaning the house. Since they have long hairs, you need to comb them at least twice a week. Regular brushing would keep them healthy and tangle free.

Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs
Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs get emotionally attached with family members.

I would recommend bathing them only if required, such as in cases of dirt or debris caught up in the fur. Always clean the dirt or debris first, and them take your long haired german shepherd dog for a bath. Since they don’t have enough essential oils in their skin, avoid unnecessary and frequent baths. Nail care is very important for your long haired GSD, and you need to do it on constant basis. Do not trim your dog’s nails unless you are experienced. Its better to get it done by a professional groomer. Additionally you can always take your dog for a run on hard or concrete surfaces to file down the sharp edges.

Would I Recommend a Long Haired German Shepherd Dog?

Yes, definitely YES. There are a lot of reasons to recommend them as your companion. But, before I mention the reasons for recommendations I want to clear one thing. IF, you are looking for a great outdoor companion then this breed is not for you. Now, moving towards the recommendations, I would highly recommend the long haired german shepherd dogs for those people who live in purely urban places. They are joyful, fun loving, always active and very beautiful. One of my personal favorite traits of long haired GSDs are their obedience and security benefit.

Before making a choice to bring one into your house, you need to consider the fact that they require plenty of human interaction from the family. If you have a busy family that is not always present at home all the time OR you a single person living in your house, then this dog breed may not be the best suited for you. But, if you have enough time to spend at home, or anyone from your family is present at home all the time, then this breed is a perfect match. Long haired german shepherd dogs are not just great jogging and running companion, they make up for a great protector. They are not very aggressive in nature, but they can surely add the sense of protection whenever its around you.

Long haired german shepherd dogs are incredible family dogs, they are well socialized. They also get along with children very well.

Their loyalty is unmatched, due to their high intelligence they are the best fit for the rescue and police operations. One of the saddest aspects of this beautiful and elegant dog is its low levels of acceptance among the people. Long haired german shepherd dogs have to fight very hard to be accepted as a regular dog breed. Though they are getting popular every passing day, still it isn’t enough.



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