Learn How to Train Your Black Mouth Cur Puppies

Black mouth cur is a family dog. It is the medium size guard and hunting dog. It is a healthy-muscled sharp ushering, hunting and very useful dog. It has an origin in South Eastern United Stated of America. BMC is a dog that can do anything for its master. Black Mouth Cur puppies breed have a broad chest, ears that are low hangings, square shaped muzzle. They have webbed big feet similar to Catahoula’s.  They can be born with different tails like long, short or docked tail. Their coat can be short and dense. The coat has a variety of colors and shades like yellow, red, black, brown, buckskin, fawn. Their bindle can be with or without a black mask. To make friendship with them, it is very fruitful for people to learn how to train their Black Mouth Cur puppies.black-mouth-cur-puppy-images

Characteristics of Black Mouth Cur:

They are robust and tough working and hunting dogs. Valiant and unrelenting in the wild but they are very polite, kind, sensitive and calm with humans. They are very protective when the children are around. They tone- down the play showing their mildness to children.  They are outbound, friendly and shielding towards family members. They are very smart, intelligent and inquiring hounds. They need lots of daily routine exercise.

Activities that a Black Mouth Cur Puppies Breed Perform:

Black Mouth Cur puppies are inherently sporty and keen to please their master. If you guide them properly and train them well, they can outclass in any activity that you can even imagine. They can do the activities like pull weights, work as Search dog, track and trail games, run in the gushing event, work as a security guard for a big house and also work as a rescue dog. They are involved in heavy mental and physical activity.

Training of Black Mouth Cur:

BMC is the most sensitive and extremely intelligent dog breed. They do not respond to rude, harsh words. You cannot handle them through heavy-handed methods. They get bored easily, so it is advisable to keep the training sessions varied and short. They don’t like repetitive activities. Training requires politeness, fairness, consistency and fairness. So, before training your BMC, you must allow it frank well with you. It might take few weeks. This dog will not be able to stand well with if you do spanking and yelling at them.

Expose them to varied experiences so that they become social at their early age. Exposure of different kind of noises and people of different traits as a part of training. Arrange puppy parties for them.By that they may get close to other dogs and learn to play and interact with them. They will learn how to behave with other dogs, and there is a chance that will learn faster.

You must consider that the Black Mouth Cur must not be left alone with non-canines pets. It is because they have high preying instincts. You can instruct them to be alert by train them through such commands like “Stop,” “Stay,” “Lie,” “Come” etc. You can train them how to jump through hurdles or tires, crawl through tunnels and walk over teeter board. Reward them with treats and praise them well every time they achieve their goals. Divide the meal into two equal parts for two main meals. Diet chart and the everyday food quantity is mostly similar to other curs’ dogs that have the same size. But it is recommended to give them the dry dog food because of its good quality. These are tips will be beneficial for you when you are going to train your BMC.



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