Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

Improved care and medications has helped pets live longer, just like humans, in today’s world the advancements in pet and vet care has resulted in better results, fuller lives and active daily routines. With the advancement in technology, the veterinarians have found a way to bring the best health care support and care for your fur babies. But just like the humans, old age catches up with dogs too and results in lethargy attitude and laziness. Continue below to know how to keep your senior dog healthy.

One of the most discussed signs in old age dogs is the mobility issue. You might notice yourKeep Your Senior Dog Healthy pooch talking a bit longer to get up after a nap, definitely it wouldn’t have that same energy levels it once had in its young age. What I noticed from my personal experience is that dogs tend to avoid obstacles like stairs or things at a certain height, primarily due to pain in their joints. Achy joints is the most common problem that prevails in the older dogs. Joints is what holds your dog upright and keep it moving, discomfort in joints will affect the quality of your dog’s life.


Aging is natural, and you can’t stop it, neither in humans nor in animals. Even with all the technology available, nature has an upper hand and it would always have that upper hand. So, what you and I can do is to take measures to make it slow and less painful. But there is lot you can do to make sure your dog remains active and healthy even in the latter stages if its life. The only goal to achieve is to make sure your dogs lives a longer life, but a healthy and good one too.

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Tips For Better Senior Dog Care

You can use medications to help the aching or aging joints of your dog, there are a good Keep Your Senior Dog Healthyamount of medicines that are specifically developed to address the aging joints of dogs, I’ll leave those products to some other day. As always, the very best and recommended practice is to consult your vet to get a personalized piece of advice specifically for your particular pet. You can ask your vet to tell you the best exercise routines for your senior dogs. Your vet would recommend some exercises to relax the aging joints.

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A good nutritional diet with abundance of calcium is the way to go forward in the food department. Aging dogs have weaker bones and appropriate levels of calcium in their diet would help their bones withstand longer. Weaker bones result in laziness and the best thing to avoid is use of quality food, make sure you consult your vet for the most appropriate amount of calcium levels for your dog in food. Moreover, physical exercise tailored for senior dogs help a lot to keep them active for most part of the day. Make sure your pet gets abundant amount of fresh water all day, as dogs in their latter stages often need more water to carry out the bodily operations. Make sure your veteran dogs gets a comfortable place to pass out the night. Arrange regular and frequent outdoor walks, take your pooch outside for recreational activities, but make sure you don’t make him tired. Offer him some treat if he runs after the ball or remains active in outdoor activities.


In my personal opinion, older dogs need nearly as much care as the dog in early days. I lost one of my dogs in its old age, primarily due to acute kidney failure, that is quite widespread and heard of diseases in older dogs. Please share your experiences with me, I would love to listen to your life experience that what you tried to keep your senior dog healthy , sound off in the comments, Peace !



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