Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

To keep your dog cool in summer should be on the very top of your list. Summer season is upon us and it is by far the most favorite time for dogs. Swimming is the best gift summer brings along and I know dogs love to swim and stay in water. As much as you welcome the summer and all the fun it brings, you should also be cautious about the rising temperatures. Dogs are active animals and they get overheated quite often. So, you better make arrangements to keep your dog cool in summer.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer?

Some of the dogs are hyper active in nature and summer is the perfect time to flex their muscles. Winter makes their activities quite limited and dogs are all geared up for the summer. Act upon the following steps to keep your dog cool in summer.

Never Leave Your Pet Alone In The Car

Keep Your Dog Cool In SummerTemperature inside a closed windowed car can reach nearly 115 to 120 degrees on a normal sunny day. Even with open windows the car temperature can cause a heat stroke. And I am pretty sure you wouldn’t risk to part the car with open windows. Don’t take your dog along unnecessarily, it will only make the matters worse for you.

Avoid Walking Your Dog On Pathways And Asphalt

Just like you feel the heat as soon as you step onto a hot floor, dogs feel the same when they step onto the sideways and road. Foot pads are quite sensitive and a 2 to 3 minute walk on a hot pathway can burn the pads. Take your pooch outside in either morning or evening. It is better not to take your dog outside when the sun is at its peak. If taking your dog outside is inevitable, use grass as your pathway to avoid the burn in.

Supply Fresh and Clean Water

Keep Your Dog Cool In SummerWho doesn’t like fresh and clean water? Dogs need water more than anything in summer. Fresh water should always be supplied to the dog. While taking it out, keep fresh water bottle with you all the times. Having water at close access will keep the water level optimum and nullify any chances of dehydration.

Don’t Over Exercise Your Pet

Dogs are dogs, they don’t always set their limits, when they are playing or exercising. Especially, when they are enjoying while they do it. Stop at the very moment when you see your dog panting or having issues chasing that favorite ball. Outdoor activities are fun for you and your Fido but avoid doing it in blazing sun, sunset time is perfect for it.

Cooling Vest, Maybe?

If it is too hot outside, a cooling vest with cold packs built into both sides will ensure your dog stays cool in the scorching heat.

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Provide Outdoor Shelter

If your dog likes to stay outside in the yard in the daytime, you need to provide him a proper shelter in order to keep your dog cool in summer day time.

Walk While The Sun Is Down

You can keep your dog cool in summer by slightly adjusting the daily routine. Walk him outside when the sun is going down. If you are a early riser, talking your dog for an early morning walk is a best fit.

Avoid Dehydration At All Cost

Dehydration is one of the most scary things of summer. You need to keep your dog cool all the times you avoid dehydration. Provide fresh water at easy access, moreover you can even mix water into the dog food to keep the fluid level up.

Don’t Cut Your Dog’s Hair

Keep Your Dog Cool In SummerYou may be tempted to trim down the dog’s coat in order to keep him cool. But, remember this is a mistake. Dog’s coat provide a good cover from the sun rays and regulates the body temperature. A thick coat saves your pooch from a possible sunburn. A trimmed down coat exposes the body to direct sun rays that can cause sunburn.

I would love to know how you lovely people keep your dog cool in summer. Please feel free to share your experiences.



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