Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Just like human insurance, pet insurance is popular amongst people having pets. Pet insurance works similar to medical and health insurance. It seems like a wonderful deal in words but in real life it doesn’t always work as stated, there is no guarantee that you will have a good experience.

In Pet insurance you need to pay upfront, you go to vet and pay the cost, and then you may file claim against the pet for insurance. In most cases the pet insurance companies provide any of their licensed veterinary docs and then refund and compensate you for the cost paid.

Pet insurance

Insurance Coverage:

Nearly all the pet insurance companies offer a “TIERED” insurance system. They offer a variety of coverage options.

  1. Emergency Coverage:

This is the cheapest and low level insurance that is available for your pet. It only includes few things like hospitalization, veterinary bills and essential medication in case your pet suffers injury due to an accident. Emergency Coverage is limited to emergency situations only, it does not include any scheduled appointments or visits.

  1. Emergency + Illness Coverage:

This is the next level coverage pet insurance companies have to offer. It covers both the accidental issues and unforeseen sickness. You can bring your pet whether a cat or dog to any of the clinic or hospital that falls into the company’s insurance policy. The companies will pay you for the med care, x ray procedures and clinic visits.

  1. Emergency + Illness + Routine Coverage:

This is the third tier insurance coverage that companies offer, this covers emergency sickness, accidental wounds and the routine visit costs. It also covers routine operations and surgeries. You can submit claims for vaccinations and bi annual pet examination.

  1. Complete Coverage:

The highest tier of pet insurance covers every aspect, from accidental coverage to unforeseen illness, from surgeries to annual exams, in addition they cover spaying, neutering, dental care and disease prevention.

The best policy is to go with your wallet, don’t push it when you don’t have enough money to spend, you can choose any insurance coverage policy as long as it does not require you to break the bank. Pet insurance also needs you to pay monthly premium just like you do in human insurance. The monthly premium cost solely depends upon your coverage plan. In addition to monthly premium, you also have to pay for the maximum per incident. This amount also depends upon the insurance coverage plan you go for.

I believe now you have adequate information related to pet insurance and it will help you choose the best plan for your pet and your pocket. Paying high cost for insurance may seem a daunting expense on the wallet but remember you can literally save thousands in case of sudden tragedy, and you know pets are not humans, they wouldn’t take care of themselves. As far as the pet insurance is concerned, visit at least 3 pet insurance companies and get their quotes for the coverage plans and choose which is the best for you. Choose wisely, live happily.



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