How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark focuses on several techniques required to stop your dog from unnecessary barking. Dogs like to use their mouth, whether its nipping and chewing or barking. Barking is something that is natural and you can’t completely stop it, however with some proper dog training you can definitely control it for the good. Without taking any time, let’s get straight to “How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark “.

Understanding The Nature Of Dogs – How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

Barking is one of the vocal communication that dogs use. Depending on the situation, barking can mean several different things. Sometimes dogs bark because they feel terrified or alarmed by a certain situation. Your dog may start barking in order to seek attention. Just like humans use tongue to communicate, dogs use their mouth or barking as communication. For more detailed reason, read Why Do Dogs Bark?

How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark?

Before skimming through the different techniques, you must be patient in order to see the results. Don’t expect your dog to miraculously stop barking overnight. Remember, old habits die hardly. The more you practice, better would be the results.

Tips For Productivity- How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

  • Never yell or scream at your dog.
  • Don’t use force to impose your instructions.
  • Be consistent.
  • Be patient.
  • Every house member should also apply the same training methods.

How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark?

Now we come to the business end of this discussion. Follow these techniques PATIENTLY and I am pretty sure you will be able to reap the rewards.

Remove Any Motivation – How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

How To Train Your Dog Not To BarkYour dog may be getting some sort of reward for barking, whether mistakenly or unknowingly. You need to remove it in the very first place. Never ever give your dog any opportunity to continue this behavior.

  • If your dog barks at stranger while he in the back yard, take him inside the house as soon as you hear the noise.
  • If your dog barks at someone from the window, immediately close the window.

Just Ignore The Barking – How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

The best thing you could do is to completely ignore your dog when he barks. Continue doing it as long as he keeps doing it. Your attention would only motivate him to keep doing it. Don’t even look at him while he is barking. When he stops barking, you can reward him, either by offering a treat or cuddling with him. In order to succeed, you need to be very patient. Dogs don’t get tired of barking, so if you yell at him as he continues to bark for more than a hour. Next time he would bark for even longer period of time.

Teach Your Dog “Keep Quiet” Command – How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

Dogs do respond to commands. Vocal commands are the best way to pass on your message to the dog. You need to teach him what the “Quiet” command means and what to do when you say it. When he barks, give him the command “quiet”. You need to repeat this process repeatedly until he learns to obey your command. Offer him a treat as soon as he listens to you.

Tired Dog Is An Obedient Dog – How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

How To Train Your Dog Not To BarkYou must ensure that your dog is having proper physical and mental exercise per day. A tired dog is the most obedient and quiet dog. When your dog is tired after an exercise, he is less likely to use his mouth on unwanted things. You may need different levels of exercise depending upon the age and breed of your dog.

This is all from today’s discussion ” How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark”. Remember, you need to be very patient and consistent in your approach. It takes time, make sure you give your Fido time to learn, otherwise you would make him stubborn.



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