How To Train Your Dog Efficiently?

How To Train Your Dog Efficiently?

Pets are adorable and more like a friend if you treat them in the right manner, if you are planning to add a new friend to your life then you better be ready for it. But, remember pets are pets and you should not expect a human like behavior from them, so if you want your pet to be organized then you should think of training your dog, training to get the best out of it. Dogs are social and if you train them well, they’ll definitely prove to be a very good companion. If you plan to train your dog then following tips shall help you achieve your goal.

Listen to your pet

You must develop a habit of listening your dog, what makes it comfortable and also makes it uncomfortable. Dogs may not feel comfort meeting another person, dog or any animal/pet. Don’t force your dog, if your pet shows signs of discomfort then don’t push it to the limit where it shows the anger out loud.

Train Your Dog
how to train your dog

Be kind and friendly

Make sure you are friendly with your pet, if you keep on being strict with your pet, chances are that your pooch may start to ignore your commands and become ignorant to you. Make sure you pay a lot of attention to your dog when its doing the right thing, your pet will appreciate your response. Show your positive reactions to your pet, your praise will make it bold and comfortable. Let it know that it acted in a good way.

Be realistic in expectations

In the start, you should not expect too much from your pet, usually too much expectations can result in negative impact, after all its your pet, not a human being. Dog’s behavior doesn’t change abruptly so you need to be patient to see the results. Make sure you regularly take out some time to train your dog to do certain things. Make your dog rehearse, this way your pet will remember what is required from it.

Be Patient & consistent

The best practice to train your dog is to involve all the people living in the house, this will lead to better interaction and your dog will feel confident. Be consistent, do not try to teach your dog too many things at a time, it may not benefit you or your dog. Stay focused on one thing, when you think your dog has learnt what you wanted it to learn then move onto the next training.

Persistence & Freedom

Your actions should reflect your approach, be the example for your pet, you can’t train your dog unless you are persistent. If you dog shows such a behavior that you don’t like then it means you should reinforce it to leave it. Related example fits in such a way that if your dog brings you a toy and barks, and it wants you to throw it. If you throw it, then your dogs learns that barking will help it do what it wants to do, but if you stay persistent then eventually it may learn that not everything would go according to its plan.

I believe you would have benefited from this blog post, let me know what measures and methods you adopt to train your dog. Sound off in the comments below !



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