How To Train A Dog Not To Bite

How To Train A Dog Not To Bite

How To Train A Dog Not To Bite

One of the most common problem people come across are excessive and continuous biting of their dogs and most of the people are helpless to get a hold of it. Today’s publication is entirely focused on how to train a dog not to bite. Dogs like to bite and mouth, nipping and mouthing is one of the things they like to do, its in their genes, so training your dog not to bite can be a little challenging, specially for the first time pet parents, as they don’t have enough experience to tackle the issue. Before I get to the topic, you must be very patient during the training.

How To Train A Dog Not To Bite For Real

How To Train A Dog Not To BiteJust to make things easy for you, I am going to categorize the whole training process as per the age group of your nasty biting machines. Before I get to a some specific dog breed I want you to understand the real reasons why a dog mouths too much. Dogs are very curious in nature and usually they investigate things via their mouth, the very first thing they do is to use their mouth just to experience or feel a thing. By using their mouths they are basically increasing their jaw’s efficiency and this really helps them in later stages. But this exercise becomes a regular and dangerous problem if not taken care of. Lets jump straight to the topic “how to train a dog not to bite”.

How To Train A Dog Not To Bite – Puppy

If you have a nipping puppy under 6 months then this is the ideal time to start training him. This is the time when his bites are rarely strong enough to break through the skin. A young pup should never be allowed to play with using their teeth, this could lead to a frequent and hard to suppress task. Puppies should be trained to use soft mouths from early days. The best way to teach them is by using Bite Inhibition. People like to hold their pups near their face and quite often a puppy nips on the face. I have already written a dedicated blog post on how to stop puppy from biting face and I believe you will surely benefit from it.

How To Train A Dog Not To BiteWhenever your pup bites any unnecessary thing, you must stop him from doing that so. Most of the time puppies are nipping and chewing out of excitement and fun, they don’t mean any harm but you should convey your message that it wouldn’t be appreciated and it isn’t the best thing to do. The best way to teach a puppy not to snap is to let them play with other puppies.

Whenever a puppy bites another one, the pup on receiving end yelps and this (yelping sound) is how the puppy learns what happens when he bites. You must always discourage the bites, your message should be loud and clear, but make sure you don’t use force or punishment. 

How To Train A Dog Not To Bite – Teenage Dog

When a dog reaches this age, no one should take their biting as “play biting”, by this time mouthing isn’t a playful activity. And if you think its still a safe glee full activity then I’m afraid you are badly mistaken. If you have a dog that uses its mouth too often, try introducing a soft toy and mentor him not to bite everything. You should also voice your commands out loud. so that he knows what makes you happy and what makes you displeased. Bites of growing dogs are very painful and they often bite on hands and feet while playing. For your ease, I have also written a dedicated post on how to stop a dog from biting feet.

How To Train A Dog Not To BiteDogs have a more frequent problem of biting hands, because hands are those body parts that occasionally come in contact with dogs, try these 10 Best Ways To Stop Puppy From Biting Hands. You can use taste deterrents to keep a hold of your dog’s increasing biting activity. If the case is serious, Obedience training is the way to go, as expert trainers know how to handle a nasty little biting dog. 

How To Train A Dog Not To Bite – Fully Grown Adult Dog

This is the age group of dogs who just  make their way into the newspaper and TV reports, turning on their masters or family members. But the truth is that the owner is never the master, these biting habits don’t develop overnight. Having a lousy behavior to your dog’s biting would definitely end like this, and Believe me an adult dog bite is one thing you don’t want to experience. I have seen people who received dogs bites with my own eyes, and the injuries sustained are for real, very very painful. Most dogs of this age group who have developed a biting habit are a dangerous liability waiting to happen. And most of the times such dogs are passed on to a new owner, or euthanized.

dog bite facts infographic 2016This doesn’t means that stubborn dogs can’t be corrected, a proper obedience training or dog behaviorist cam sort out things to make the situation better. And if you still think that you can solve this issue all by yourself then you are wrong, this is a situation where a dog behaviorist or obedience trainer can only survive.

I hope you have a better idea to tackle this situation, and now you can guide someone on how to train a dog not to bite. I would love to hear your opinion, do sound off in comments.



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