How To Take Care Of Your New Born Puppy

How To Take Care Of Your New Born Puppy

How To Take Care Of Your New Born Puppy

Becoming a pet owner would be an exciting adventure and your new pet would be a joy to watch. Now comes the hard part of parenting and taking care of your puppy. If you are experiencing it for the very fisrt time then you definitely need to learn how to take care of your ne born puppy. There is always something new to learn, even for the people who have taken care of the dogs before. Because taking care of a puppy is slightly different than taking care of grown up and senior dogs. Puppy needs extensive and protective care to carry out it’s first few weeks of its like.

Here are the most important and necessary puppy care tips you need to practice.

How To Feed Your Newborn Puppy?How To Take Care Of Your New Born Puppy

Newborn puppies need mother’s milk, just the way a human baby would need. Mother’s milk has everything that a new born puppy would need for the first month, it contains everything that a puppy needs for growth and survival. The best thing for the puppy is to fed by it’s mother, but if the mother isn’t around then you can use canine milk replacer that is formulated for the newborn and young puppies.

Selection of a milk replacer is very important, some of the replacers may cause diarrhea in the young ones. The best approach is to consult your pet to get a recommendation for the milk. The milk feeding goes on for around a month, after that you may start feeding your puppy with solid food. Once again, consult your vet when to start feeding your pet with solid food. You may add dry kibble in to the milk. Gradually increase the amount of the kibble and eventually your puppy will get used to it.


How to Keep Them Warm

The biggest life threat to new born baby is cold, if not kept warm a puppy could die of

How To Take Care Of Your New Born Puppy
Socializing with a young pet helps it groom in a better way

hypothermia. If the mother is around then simply lying next to the mother would keep it warm enough. Your responsibility would increase if you are acting as a surrogate mother. The best practice is to use puppy blankets and heating pads to keep them warm. Puppy’s fur is very sensitive in early days, make sure you avoid using things like heater that can burn their skin.

How To Train Your Puppy To Go To Bathroom?

Newborn puppies can’t go to bathroom on their own, you need to train them for that. Mother can help them eliminate and urinate but the task becomes complex when you are to perform that duty. You need to massage their urinating areas so that they can they can eliminate and urinate.  Your vet can train you to properly do it, after a full month your puppy would be capable enough to urinate and eliminate on its own.


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How and When to Arrange Your First Vet Appointment?

The best way to groom your puppy is offer it what it needs. Besides you, your vet is the thatHow To Take Care Of Your New Born Puppy one entity that can help to train you how to take care of your new born puppy. I believe you’ll face some situations when you need to consult your pet immediately. Even I had to constantly call my vet in my early days, and with the passage of time I learned. If you see any issue with your pet that is not normal at this age, you need to see your vet. If your pet is healthy and going fine you don’t need to pay your vet a visit, usually a healthy pet only needs a routine checkup after 6 weeks after its birth. The routine checkup would include medical checkup and vaccinations.

Back in my early days I had to call my vet a lot to get answers to my queries.  I hope some amongst you would have benefitted from this article. Next time I shall share my experiences with taking care of grown up dogs. I would love to listen your experiences, if you have ever had a chance  to take care of a newborn puppy.



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