How To Take Care Of Your Dogs Paws


How To Take Care Of Your Dogs Paws

Have you ever wondered how to take care of your dogs paws? Dog’s paws serve the purpose of walking but they protect the bones and joints from getting a shock. The foot pad beneath the dog’s paws provide additional support for bones and joints. Moreover, the pads protects the tissue and help a dog step on different terrains and grounds.

The whole body stands on those paws and they take a lot of beating everyday to keep your dog up and running, so they need to be taken care of, and in this post I’m going to provide tips and methods to take care of your dog’s paws.

How To Take Care Of Your Dogs Paws – Tips & Tricks

Frequent Trimming

Trimming hair on your dog’s paws frequently keeps him protected from painful matting. Always comb the hair between the toes area, it is better to trim the hair on the pads.

Regularly Check The Paws For Debris

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR DOG’s pawsThe shape of dog’s paws make it easy for things to get stuck in between the pads and fingers, so regularly examine the paws. You may find some pebbles, mud or debris stuck in between the toes. Sometimes pieces of broken glass can get in there and may become a reason for bleeding or uneasy movement.

Trim The Nails

The most comfortable position for dog while walking is that his nails should touch just above the ground. If they touch the floor heavily, you better trim the nails and give him some pedicure. IT is best advised to consult your vet before buying a trimmer and how to use them.

Paw Massage

The best way to relax your pet is to give him a smooth paw massage, it results in better blood circulation. Make sure you rub the pads and the area between the toes, definitely your dog would feel stress free and relieved.

Moisturize The Paws

Just like humans, dog’s pads can quickly dry and may develop cracks. So better use a moisturizer made specifically for dogs. And your vet is the best advice for choosing one.

Protect Him In Summer

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR DOG’s pawsImagine yourself stepping onto a hot pavement barefoot, this is exactly what your dog would feel in summer. So, protect your dog from these situations.

Take Care Of Him In Winter

Cold weather means dry skin, and the dog’s paws also get dry and cracky, so better used a moisturizer on a regular basis. Use paw protectant to reduce the wear and tear. Make sure you wash your dog’s paws from warm water after a long walk.

I hope now you are in a better position to take care of your dog’s paws and if someone asks you “how to take care of your dogs paws” then you would be in a better position to answer. Happy Parenting !



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