Stop Puppy From Biting Older Dog – Explained

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Older Dog


How To Stop Puppy From Biting Older Dog

So you have a puppy but the other dogs aren’t really fond of him, the little pup annoys and bites your older dogs and you can’t do anything. Well, today I’m here to discuss some beneficial methods that can help you to stop puppy from biting older dog. Puppies are indeed very cute and adorable, but they can be very annoying too, especially when they start to use their mouth too much.

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Older DogPuppies usually play by jumping and running around, biting and mouthing nearly everyone that is involved in their playtime. And their biting can really become an annoying thing for other resident dogs. If you have a puppy that is more like a tornado, then it is time for you to stop that cute little nasty thing before he gets completely out of control.

Stop Puppy From Biting Older Dogs – Why Puppies Always Bite ?

The best way to tackle this issue (and all the issues) is to understand the reason behind their nasty biting behavior. Puppies don’t mean any harm when they bite, they are only exploring things and honing their skills, but excess of nipping can be annoying and in later stages even dangerous.

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Older Dog – Step By Step Guide

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Older Dog
Train Your puppy to use a soft mouth
  1. Prevent The Problem

Whenever you are not there to supervise your pup, at least make sure other resident dogs are not physically interacting with the pup and vice versa.

  1. Tire Out The Puppy

A tired puppy is always an obedient puppy, a less annoying one too.

  1. Train The Puppy

Last but most important thing is to train your puppy not to bite.

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Biting Older Dog?

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Older DogMake sure you keep the puppy away from all other pets while not in home, not only older dogs but cats too, if you have them. The reason is that nipping and mouthing other pets is a lot of joy for puppies and its inviting for puppies too. They would do it whenever they get a chance to do it. This could develop into a bad habit and you might run out of patience.

Crate Confinement

You can confine your pet into a crate whenever he gets out of control, prevention is better than cure and you must make arrangements to keep your pup away from other dogs. And before you pick him up and confine to the crate, make sure your pup knows why he is being put into the crate.

Tire’em Out

Tiring your puppy with exercise and walks can really help you to stop puppy from biting older dog. Let me tell you one thing, a tired puppy is the most beautiful creature. Believe me it works, I have personally tried it and the results are rewarding.

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Older Dog
Playing becomes more fun when pup learns to behave.

In my opinion the best way to tire out a puppy is to play fetch, it makes him think that tires him out mentally too. And mentally tiring out is way better than physically tiring out a puppy. If you want your pup to socialize and become a mannered one then you have to make his brain work.

Train Your Nipping Puppy

Teach your puppy to behave with older dogs, training your puppy requires patience and time. You should keep your cool when things don’t go as you expect because puppies always like to do things at their will. The basic reason for training the puppy is to make him realize good behavior makes playtime even more fun.

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Older DogYou need to train him to use a soft mouth, teach him Bite Inhibition. Make him understand the advantages of using a soft mouth. Appreciate your pup when he uses a soft mouth, and convey your unpleasant reaction when he uses a strong one. Gradually and eventually your pup would learn to use a soft mouth, and it wouldn’t be a problem for other older dogs to play with him.

I hope now you know how to stop puppy from biting older dog, and now you can tackle this issue easily that once drove me crazy back in the days when I didn’t know what to do. I would love to hear about your experiences, please comment in the section down below.



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