How To Stop Puppy From Biting Leash

stop puppy from biting leash

Stop Puppy From Biting Leash

Puppies require a lot of things to learn in their early days, but one thing they learn by themselves is leash biting. Biting comes natural in puppies and most probably they will bite anything that is in their instant reach. While you are out on a walk, leash would be the first thing that your puppy would lay its hands on. The most common problem one faces is to stop puppy from chewing its leash. Before I dive deep into stopping your puppy from biting leash, you should try to understand why puppies bite their leash.

Why Do Puppies Bite Leash & How To Stop Puppy From Biting Leash?

There are variety of reasons why puppies bite their leashes. Most of the times they do it out of their excitement, sometimes they would do it after getting boring from a walk or leash training exercise. While out on an energy soaking walk, puppies lose their control and act out on the leashes. Most of the times they come across some person, squirrel, cat or any sort of trigger. Dogs are instinctive and curios in nature and most probably they would want to chase that cat or squirrel that just showed up. When you stop your puppy from chasing that trigger, your puppy would consume that excitation energy somewhere else, directly on to their leash. Sometimes puppies bite their leash out of sheer frustration.stop puppy from biting leash

Puppies are very playful by nature, and they might think their leash as  a toy and bite it as any other toy they have in their collection. Now that you understand why puppies bite on their leash, lets check the methods to stop puppy form biting leash.

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Leash

Walking nicely and gently on a leash is a huge and uphill task for your puppy, they just love to bite stuff. Biting is their THING, this is what they do. This is instinctive and you can’t eradicate something instinctive, but you can certainly control and suppress it.

Step By Step Guide To Stop Puppy From Biting Leash

Make Your Mind : What You Want Your Puppy To Do

The best approach to stop an unwanted behavior is to replace it with a new one. Concentrating on the new behavior automatically pushes that dirty and bad behavior away. What you need here is a nice walk where your puppy ignores the leash as you clip it the collar. This may seem difficult, but it is definitely achievable.

Reward When Your Puppy Doesn’t Leash Bite

stop puppy from biting leashIt is quite evident that you may have had been rewarding your pooch on biting, of course accidentally. In my opinion clipping the leash with collar is more like a fun game for your puppy, game of tug of war. You would have noticed that as soon as you clip the leash, you would push puppy in the direction you want and the puppy would pull it in the opposite. In this game the only entity that gets get ripped off is dog leash. Make sure you never reward your puppy on biting, this would only encourage him to do it more often.

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How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Biting The Leash

Reward Your Puppy On Appropriate Behavior

You must always reward your puppy when he doesn’t bites the leash or anything. You must express your happiness on his appropriate behavior. Offer your puppy a treat on a bite-less walk session.

Two Leash Method

stop puppy from biting leashOne way to stop puppy from biting leash is to use two leashes at once. Once your puppy bites on one leash, drop it and grab the other one. As soon as your puppy moves towards the other leash, use cue words like “Leave It” or any other word that suits you. Cues are helpful in teaching your puppy to drop or leave the leash alone, or just simply dropping it from the mouth.

Bring A Toy On A Walk

The idea is to keep your puppy busy with something that would keep him away from biting the leash. Puppies are very fond of going out on walk and they would do everything that pleases them, and you need to stop puppy biting leash while walking. A very suitable approach is to bring your pooch’s best toy while on a walk. Bringing the favorite toy would keep him busy all the time. Puppies like to hold things in their mouth, her favorite toy wouldn’t let him get near the leash. One common mistake people usually make is rewarding the puppy while he is holding the toy in mouth. Introducing any treat would only result in dropping that toy from mouth, and this is something you don’t want your puppy to do. Though many people think that in order to stop puppy from biting leash one must not take him outside, but I believe this approach is one of the most suitable one.

Introducing Exercises Before Dog Walk

stop puppy from biting leashPuppies are very obedient when they are tired. One good way to stop your puppy from biting leash is to have exercise sessions right before going out for a walk. A tired puppy is less excited puppy, while on a walk your tired puppy wouldn’t bite its own leash. Walk itself can be more tiring.

Some Other Methods

Use of a chain leash is another method that can be fruitful to stop puppy from biting leash, as a chain leash wouldn’t be attractive for your puppy. Another way to stop your puppy from biting leash is the use of choke chain. Although these methods are helpful, but I personally would recommend these methods in the very start. These are more like punishment training to stop puppy from biting leash and you wouldn’t want to be harsh with your cute puppy.

Need more help? Feel free to contact us in the comment section. I hope you would have benefited from how to stop puppy from biting leash. Please let us know what method worked best for you. Happy Training!



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