How To Stop Puppy From Biting Furniture

Stop Puppy From Biting Furniture

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Furniture

Are you seriously worried about the biting habits of your puppy? Is your puppy chewing too much? Do you come home only to find out that your puppy has been mouthing the furniture? If that is the case then you should take immediate steps to stop puppy from biting furniture. Puppies are mouthy in nature, that is all they know in their early days. They would chew on and on all day, knowing nothing what problems they are creating for you. The obvious question that comes to your mind is how to prevent a dog from chewing on furniture.

Stop Puppy From Biting Furniture : Explained

Before quickly jumping towards the solutions to stop puppy from biting furniture, first you need to understand why do they do it? What makes them do it? And why do they only mouth furniture? As I said puppies are mouthy, they wouldn’t stop it unless you direct them to do so. Its completely natural for dog to mouth, this is in their genes and you can’t stop a natural phenomenon, but you can certainly minimize it or make it less destructive.

Stop Puppy From Biting FurnitureI know puppies really like to mouth on hands, feet, ankles and even clothes but right now my focus is on furniture, if you are interested in knowing how to stop puppies from chewing hands then please follow the below listed links, I hope they’ll prove very helpful. Let’s not take any more time and go straight to our topic under discussion “How To Stop Puppy From Biting Furniture“.

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How To Prevent A Dog From Chewing On Furniture

Well the most obvious and simple things you can do to stop your puppy from biting furniture is to cover all the furniture, but this isn’t the best approach. Obviously, you can’t cover every part of the furniture, and I would say training your dog not to chew on furniture is much better than preventive care.

5 Simple Things To Stop Puppy From Biting Furniture

  1. Give your puppy something it can chew all day.
  2. Arrange exercise sessions for your puppy.
  3. Remove all the things your puppy would likely be mouthing on.
  4. Put your puppy in the crate.
  5. Make the chewing experience unpleasant for your puppy.

Let’s take a detailed look at all these methods to know exactly what to do.

Understand The Chewing Behavior

Stop Puppy From Biting FurnitureBefore you take any step to stop puppy from biting furniture you need to observe its chewing habits. You need to find out why he mouths on the stuff. Does he do it when he has nothing to chew on? Does he do it when he feels bored? Does he do it when ignored? I think one of these reasons also lead puppies to chew on things, in this case furniture. Although I know puppies love to chew stuff but there could be another reason for that too.

Give Your Puppy Something To Chew

This is the easiest way to stop puppy from biting furniture, if he loves to mouth then give him something he can mouth on. Usually soft toys serve best for this purpose, make sure he has plenty of chew toys to mouth on. 

Distract Your Puppy When He Chews

One of the training methods is distraction training, you can distract your puppy whenever he starts chewing the furniture, or you can do it when he gets near the stuff. You can use audio cue to distract him, or throw his favorite toy towards him. You can even hush him, or make a loud noise to divert hi attention, the possibilities are endless here. 

Tire Him By Exercise

Stop Puppy From Biting FurnitureA tired puppy is often the most obedient one, try tiring him out by exercise. Take him out on walk or play with him until he gets tired. An exhausted puppy has no energy left to go after anything, nothing would excite a tired puppy. 

Puppy Proof Your House

Practically speaking puppy proofing your house is nearly impossible, there will always be something your puppy would chew, but at least you can minimize the occurrences. Remove all the things that your puppy would chew, cover all the furniture that is a victim of chew bites. 

Spray Smell Deterrents On Furniture

Spray a smell deterrent on the furniture parts where your pup would likely mouth and after few days you will surely see the difference. Puppies would always try to find any alternate thing to bite, so the best way to stop this is to let your puppy know that chewing on certain objects is wrong. 

Crate Confinement

This is one of the house training method to stop puppy from biting furniture. Whenever your puppy bites furniture, pick him up and put him in the crate. Repeat this method time and again and eventually your puppy would understand what would happen if he keeps biting furniture.

I hope you will benefit from this information, and I would love to know your experiences on how you stopped your nasty little biting puppy to stop chewing furniture, do sound off in comments if you have some tips to share. I would love to read them.



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