How To Stop A Puppy From Biting Face – Explained

Stop Puppy From Biting Face

How To Stop A Puppy From Biting Face

Does your puppy snaps at your face every time you hold him close to your face? Does your puppy mouths on your face when are lying on bed? If yes, then I have something for you to cheer about, and it would help you to stop puppy from biting face. Puppies like to mouth nearly everything that comes in their way, from face to hands, feet to clothes, you get the idea. If you are continuously facing this problem then its time for your dog to learn some manners. Continue below to find out the methods to stop puppy from biting face.

How To Stop A Puppy From Biting Your Face?

Training your pup[y not to bite is another aspect of the training, understanding why a pup bites is the first and foremost part. Generally puppies like to mouth, its part of their growth. Sometimes a pup would start biting out of excitement, sometimes they do it for fun, sometimes they would do it if they are getting bored and sometimes they would chew on things to get your attention.

Now that we know why do they do it, lets jump straight to the methods that can stop this unnecessary nipping and chewing.

How Can I Stop My Puppy From Biting My Face

The very first and most important thing that your puppy needs to learn is Bite Inhibition. Although most of the puppies learn it with time , but it is advisable to start it from the early days. Puppies are not willing to learn things in their early days, they like to do what they want to do.

Teaching Bite Inhibition

Stop Puppy From Biting FaceWhenever your pup bites any unnecessary thing, you must stop him from doing that so. Most of the time puppies are nipping and chewing out of excitement and fun, they don’t mean any harm but you should convey your message that it wouldn’t be appreciated and it isn’t the best thing to do. The best way to teach a puppy not to snap is to let them play with other puppies.

Whenever a puppy bites another one, the pup on receiving end yelps and this (yelping sound) is how the puppy learns what happens when he bites. You must always discourage the bites, your message should be loud and clear, but make sure you don’t use force or punishment.

Keep Your Face At Safe Distance

The easiest way to stop puppy from biting face is to keep a safe distance between your face and pup. If your puppy tries to mouth your face, increase the distance, and also tell him that chewing on face isn’t appreciated. While playing with your pup on the bed, avoid lying down on the bed rather do it while sitting on the bed. Don’t give him any chance what so ever to come near your face.

Chew Toys Would Help

Stop Puppy From Biting FaceIf your dogs like to snap your face, keep a chew toy with you all the time. Whenever he bites your face, put the chew toy in the mouth. Continue this training for days and if things start to get better, you can hold him near your face too. On the other hand if things don’t get better then it is time for you to reinforce your commands. You should immediately end the playtime if he doesn’t learn the lesson, picking him up and putting into the crate would do better. At least now your pup know what would happen if he forbids to listen to you.

Exercise Make A Pup Obedient

A fully energized pup is hard to restrain, another feasible way to stop puppy from biting face or anything else is to tire him out by exercise. Go out for a walk and come back home when he is feeling tired. Now your puppy would be exhausted and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t snap at your face even if you bring your face near to him, just kidding, never ever ask your pup to bite you. Moreover if your pup has a bad habit of biting the leash while on the walk, there is a solution to that too. Recently I have published a guide to stop puppies from biting leash.

Stop Puppy From Biting FaceSome Other Methods

  • Whenever your puppy bites your face, or tries to bite your face just shove your finger down her throat till he gags or stop mouthing.
  • Never let your puppy control you, always make sure he knows that you are the one controlling things.
  • You can also use taste deterrents to keep your pup off limits, whenever he tries to bite your face, gently spray the deterrent in air to discourage him.
  • You can also use water to stop puppy from biting your face, whenever he tries to snap your face, spray some water onto his face and it will stop him from doing so.

That is all from my side, if you people have something to add then please comment down below, I would appreciate your help.



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