How To Stop Puppy From Biting Clothes

Stop puppy from biting clothes

Stop Puppy From Biting Clothes

Puppies are curios and instinctive in nature, they naturally follow their instinct and chase everything that gathers their attention. Puppies are playful in nature and they go after everything that moves, no matter how small or big is it. In the very early days you might find the “bite everything” behavior quite cute but as the time passes you would not find it cute anymore. Puppies would bite anything from your hands, your clothes and even your feet. And you should take steps to stop puppy from biting clothes or hands from the early days, otherwise the situation might get worst as the days pass by.

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Clothes

Stop puppy from biting clothesOne of the very common issue that people encounter with puppies is mouthing, and mouthing clothes in particular. Puppies explore everything with mouths, its natural and you can’t stop it or change this behavior altogether, but you can definitely mould this behavior into an appropriate one. Much like toddlers who inspect everything with hands, puppies do it with their mouths. Definitely you wouldn’t want your puppy to spoil your clothes, no matter how careful you are, your puppy would find a way to ruin the clothes. Follow the method listed below to stop puppy from biting clothes, after all your clothes don’t come cheap and you wouldn’t find it acceptable to ruin your clothes every time you spend time with your puppy.

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How Do I Stop My Puppy Biting Clothes And Shoes

Introduce Some Fabric ToysStop puppy from biting clothes

If your puppy has made a habit of mouthing clothes, the very reasonable solution is to stop puppy from biting clothes is introducing sturdy fabric toys specially made for puppies. Make sure you have plenty of them, so that your pants and clothes are safe.

Crate Training

Stop puppy from biting clothesCrate training in general is the most common DIY puppy house training, and it can be used to stop puppy from biting clothes and specially torso wear. Give your puppy some soft toys to play in the crate. Whenever your puppy munches your clothes, stop playing and take him to the crate so that your puppy would understand that mouthing clothes will not go unnoticed, rather it will result in stoppage of play time.

Using Verbal Cues

Whenever your puppy is in mood of mouthing your clothes, regularly use the cues “off limits”, “get off” or “behave”. Repeated use of audio cue with a harsh tone would be enough to remember your puppy not to exercise that cloth biting experience. Dogs often react better to verbal expression and this method can prove fruitful to stop puppy from biting clothes.

Use Taste Deterrents

Stop puppy from biting anklesOne of my preferred method to stop puppy from biting clothes is the use of taste deterrents. Puppies and dogs show very unpleasing reaction to some of the taste deterrents. If you are going to play with your puppy, make sure to spray a taste deterrent on your clothes. As soon as your puppy would try to bite your clothes, the spray would get into mouth and your puppy would eventually stop mouthing clothes.

I hope you would benefit from this piece of info, do let me know what you liked about “how to stop puppy from biting clothes”. I would be pleased to read your experiences that how you people stop puppy from chewing clothes.



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