How To Stop Puppy From Biting Ankles

Stop puppy from biting ankles

Stop Puppy From Biting Ankles

Whenever people bring puppies home they often encounter problems they never expected in the first place. One of the most common issues they face is mouthing and biting, and puppies love to mouth hands, ankles and feet. It’s never easy for new pet parents, and they often get very upset, most of them even think they brought that puppy from hell. Putting the new owners aside, sometimes experienced pet owners also find it hard to stop puppy from biting ankles, hands and other stuff. Lets jump straight to the main talking point “how to stop puppies from biting ankles“.

Stop Puppy From Biting Ankles

Puppies are mouthy in nature, they would explore everything with their nasty little sharp teeth. Puppies often bite ankles without even knowing that it annoys you. Most of the pet owners, either new or old, fail to understand the basic puppy behavior. Continue below to find out how to stop puppy from biting ankles.

How To Train Your Dog Not To Bite Your Ankles

Understanding The Biting Behavior

In the very early days of their birth, puppies get to play with their litter-mates. This playtime involves mostly physical activities and they spend all day pushing and biting each other. Instinctively they would chase one another, just like a dog chases a prey. When these puppies get moved in a human environment, everything is new for them and they don’t settle in so quickly. Out of their sheer curiosity, they would mouth and bite you and family members just like they did with other pups.Stop puppy from biting ankles

This is the only thing they know, their mouth behavior is not all about aggressiveness. Its like playing games with THEIR pack. Their behavior doesn’t mean any harm but it definitely annoys you. Nobody can stop this behavior completely but it can be controlled. Although puppies bite everything that comes their way. But this time I’m only focused on taming the ankle biters, previously I have discussed the methods to stop puppy from biting clothes and hands. Continue below to know more about how to stop puppy from biting ankles.

How To Stop Puppy From Biting Ankles : Solution

Yelp It

Stop puppy from biting anklesThis is the most common and widely used method by dog trainers. When your puppy bites your ankle, yelp in pain or cry out loud so that you can communicate your displeasure to the pup. If he ignores it, yelp and stop the play when he bites again. Your fluff would most probably understand where all went wrong for him.

Using Taste Deterrents

Stop puppy from biting anklesOne way to stop puppy from biting ankles is the use of spray deterrents. This method is more like an enforced way to solve this issue, though it works smooth as silk. Spraying any taste deterrent of your choice on your ankles and pants takes a hold of your puppy mouthing your ankles. Puppies really don’t like tasting these deterrents and after multiple encounters with spray deterrents they learn their lesson, not to bite the ankles.

Spray Water

One fun way to stop puppy from biting ankles is to use water spray bottle and sprinkle water on puppy whenever he bites your ankle, spraying water would discourage him to bite your ankle. Make sure you have the water sprayer in your reach all the times. Mist in his face a couple of times and I am sure he wouldn’t bite again.

How To Train Your Dog Not To Bite Your Ankles

Crate Confinement

Stop puppy from biting anklesMost of you people would be well aware of crate training, if not then visit my puppy training blog post. Crate can be used to stop puppy from biting ankles, I know it sounds strange but it actually works. Whenever you pooch bites your ankle, pick him up and drop him in the crate. Make sure the crate is empty and leave him alone, remove all the toys. Repeating these steps would finally make him understand what would happen if he bites your ankles.

I hope you would benefit from this piece of info, do let me know what you liked about “how to stop puppy from biting ankles”. I would be pleased to read your experiences. Happy Parenting !



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