How To Stop My Dog From Biting My Feet

How To Stop My Dog From Biting My Feet


How To Stop My Dog From Biting My Feet

Majority of the pet parent don’t encourage dogs mouthing and biting their feet, hands and clothes during play time. Dog’s jaws are quite strong and cause significant damage to the receiver. Dogs would bite and mouth even your feet and ankles, though these parts don’t directly come into play. I have met a lot of people who experienced this and they ask me how to stop my dog from biting my feet.

Well if that is the case with you, then you must understand that it is quite difficult to suppress biting in dogs only because they are not sensitive to our commands in contrast to puppies. Like it or not but dogs do like to bite and mouth, but this becomes unpleasant and painful when those bites become excessive. As always before jumping directly to the burning question “How to Stop My Dog From Biting My Feet“, I would want you to know the reason behind dog’s biting behavior.

Understand Biting Behavior

How To Stop My Dog From Biting My Feet
Dogs are mouthy, and they love to bite.

Mouthing is a very normal dog behavior, a dog wouldn’t be complete without biting and chewing. Its natural and you can’t stop it, though you can suppress it, and the best time is to start early by training puppies not to bite. Dogs use their teeth to explore their surroundings, just the way we use our hands. Mouthing and chewing is the very first thing a pup does and no one teaches them how to do it, it all comes from the inside. Now that you have an idea about dog’s mouthing behavior, it is the time to stop dog from biting feet.

How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Biting My Feet

Last week I met a sweet and nice lady who told her problem that my puppy won’t stop biting while my dog keeps biting my feet. The more she talked to me, the better I understood the problem. The main problem was that she didn’t know how to stop dogs from biting feet. Her adult dog and young pup were not trained to stop biting all the time. And to my knowledge the pup was learning the bad habit of biting hard from the adult dog.

How To Stop My Dog From Biting My FeetThis is why I emphasize on training puppies not to bite from early days, so they can become well mannered and well behaved adults. Continue below to find out how to stop my dog from biting my feet.

Teaching Bite Inhibition

I have met a lot of people who say “No Bites”, well this is NOT the best approach, rather it should be “Soft Bites”. You can’t really stop a thing that is in their genes, but ultimately you can suppress it. So, teaching bite inhibition is necessary. To start off the things, you should YELP whenever your dog bites your feet, this is the best way to convey your message. Yelp as soon as he bites you, soon your pooch would understand that his actions are hurting you. Continue this routine and gradually your dog would stop biting your feet.

Moreover you should show an unpleasant gesture on hard bites, he should know that stronger bites won’t be appreciated and accepted. You can do this by immediately stopping the play every time this happens. After a good number of experiences, your dog would eventually either stop biting your feet or lessen down the bite strength.

Provide Multiple Alternatives

How To Stop My Dog From Biting My FeetIf your dog is fond of biting your feet and always ready to pounce on your feet, then you should provide him an alternate to mouth on. May be your dog doesn’t have enough this to mouth, consider bring your dog some chew toys, whenever your dog tries to bite your feet just throw that toy towards him.

How To Stop My Dog From Biting My Feet – Distract Your Dog

Another way to stop dogs from biting feet is to distract him whenever he tries to mouth  your feet. You can make a loud noise or throw a toy to distract him, continuing this practice with patience would definitely show some positive signs. 

Wear Tear Resistant Shoes

How To Stop My Dog From Biting My FeetAnother tested and proven way to stop dog biting feet is the use of special shows that are stiff and hard to bite. Whenever your dog would to try to bite the shoes (or feet), he would find it quite difficult or impossible after all. And there are bright chances that after repeated unsuccessful efforts your dog may stop biting feet/shoes and quit once it for all. 

Water & Spray Bottles

Keep a spray or water sprinkler with you during the play time and whenever your doggy comes near your feet to bite, just simply spray some water on the face and it would forbid him to bite your feet. Repeating this practice would ultimately stop him, as he knows he would get water sprayed at the face if he does it again or even make his mind to go for it. 

How To Stop My Dog From Biting My Feet – Taste Deterrents

One fun way but practically working method is the use of spray deterrents, just simply spray the taste deterrent onto your feet and when your dog would try to bite, the unpleasant taste will surely stop him from doing so, this is more like a reinforcement training and it works best for aggressive biters. 

Shock Collars

Stop puppy from biting clothesThis one is not the best way to stop your dog from biting your feet but it works, IF you need to use it. How it works? It sends a sudden and small shock to dog’s neck as soon as e tries to mouth your feet, it triggers on your command. As soon as he bites or tries to bite your feet, just trigger the shock and it would surely stop your dog from biting your feet. It is more like punishment training and shouldn’t be used in normal cases, and specially not on puppies.

I hope that next time you meet someone who complaints that my dog won’t stop biting my feet, you can surely tell them how to stop my dog from biting my feet. If you think you have a better working idea to stop dogs from biting feet then please feel very free to mention them in the comment section down below. Happy Parenting !



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