How To Select The Right Dog Leash For Your Dog

select the right dog leash for your pet

Being a first time pet parent requires a lot of effort from your side, and it is really a very demanding thing to do. Most of the first time pet parents tend to ignore the importance of the right dog leashes for their canine. You may not take this into consideration but a dog leash is the very first thing you will need when you bring your pooch home, no matter whether he is a grown up dog or a puppy. Moreover, the dog leashes play a very important role in the dog training and grooming, so you can’t undermine the importance of the dog leashes. Below, I take a detailed look at the best way to select the right fog leash for your pet.

select the right dog leash for your petFinding a perfect leash for your dog is undoubtedly a difficult task. If you are a new buyer and not familiar with dog leashes, then the following ideas will definitely aid you in selecting the right dog leash. Usually, new dog owners are not familiar with the right dog leash for their pet. There are literally thousands of dog leashes in the market, but your aim should be to find the best one that fits your and his needs. Before you go out shopping for the dog leashes, you should be aware of different types of dog leashes in the market, so that you can save your valuable time. Obviously, the right dog leash will help you to train your dog faster and easier.

How To Select The Right Dog Leash For Your Pet

In my humble opinion, not a lot of people know the right use of dog leashes. The basic and necessary use of dog leash is the safety of your pet. Dog leash that fits your needs will allow you to control your dog with ease and effectiveness. A proper dog leash not only protects your dog from kids, cars, and other pets but also prevents from doing such things that can irritate your neighbors. If you want to go outside for the walk with your dog or you decide to go for a Dog show in your area, a proper dog leash will allow you to join the crowd and work safely and comfortably.

select the right dog leash for your petThere is another kind of dog leash that is specifically built to train your dog, and they are known as training leashes. They are used to teach your canine how to react in different situations, act in public places etc.

Before you go out and buy one, you should know that every leash is designed to fulfill a specific a task and activity. You have got the choice of leash sizes, length and material that will help you make the right decision. You people might think right now there are too many variables to handle, but don’t worry I shall make it easy for you to select the right dog leash for your pet.

Types Of Dog Leashes Available In The Market

Leather Dog leashes

Leather is known for its high quality and sturdiness and  no doubt leather will serve you right when it comes to quality, safety and most importantly the life span of the leash. Leather, as you know, is ageless material but doesn’t come cheap. You have to splash the cash for it.

Nylon Dog Leash

select the right dog leash for your petNylon is a cheap and inexpensive alternate to the leather dog leashes, and it offers a strong build quality. My favorite part of nylon leashes is that they don’t shrink and can be easily cleaned. With all these positive aspects, there is one drawback. Nylon leashes are hard and they can cause damage to your hand if your dog has a habit of pulling the leash frequently. Moreover, if you are using a Nylon dog collar then ski of the neck area might get damaged too.

Fabric Dog Leashes

Fabric dog leashes are available in different colors, different qualities and sizes as well. Material and build quality wise their quality is not comparable with the above mentioned types of leashes. They are the most inexpensive option but they are very weak in strength as compare to leather and nylon leashes. If you choose a fabric leash, you’ll have to change it very soon.

I hope you would have benefited from the info and now you would be in a much better position to make your choices to select the right fog leash for your pet. I would love to hear your experiences. Do sound off in the comments. Happy Parenting !




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