How To Keep Dog Coat Shiny & Healthy

How To Keep Dog Coat Shiny

How To Keep Dog Coat Shiny & Healthy

You can tell the health of a dog by looking at its coat and a shiny and glossy coat makes a dog look healthy. I have read a lot of researchers say exactly the same thing about the direction co-relation of dog’s coat and healthiness. So, the question that instantly comes to everyone’s mind is “How To Keep Dog Coat Shiny & Healthy?”. To answer this question, I have decided to write a dedicated post on this very important topic. Lets get straight to How To Keep Your Dog Coat Shiny and Healthy.

Reasons Behind A Dull Coat

How To Keep Dog Coat ShinyPoor nutrition is the main cause behind a dull coat, so the first thing you need to do is making sure your pooch gets the right and healthy diet that springs life into the body and glossiness into the coat. Real meat from healthy farm animals with the right amount of proteins is recommended way to keep a dog healthy. Avoid things like soy and corn which cause allergies in most of the dog breeds.

Moreover, parasite attacks can be another major cause of dog’s dull coat if you are feeding him with a healthy diet. Parasites like tapeworm and hookworm eat up all of the essential nutrients and your dog gets nothing essential from the food.

How To Keep Dog Coat Shiny

Just read and follow the below listed methods and I am sure your dog will  have that glossy and shiny that you often see in the adverts.

Brush Regularly

The best way to keep the dog coat clean is by brushing regularly. Brushing promotes the production of essential skin oil that keeps the skin healthy. At least brush once a week.

Bathe Regularly

How To Keep Dog Coat ShinyAnother way to keep the dog coat healthy and clean is by bathing your dog regularly. If your dog has a short length coat then I wouldn’t recommend frequent showers, usually the frequency of bathing depends upon the coat’s length and the dirtiness. Bath at least twice a month, once per month is fine. Use shampoos made for dogs, and never ever use a human shampoo for your dog and make sure your dog loves the bath time. If your dog doesn’t get along well with bathing, just follow this post to get your dog to love bath time.

Use Oils And Herbs

Natural way of keeping a dog’s fur healthy is by using vegetable oil. Just add one teaspoon if vegetable oil into the dog food and it will work its magic by keeping the fur healthy. Herbs like horsetail and other ones having large amounts of silica prove very helpful in keeping the dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

Protect The Coat

Often in winter the skin dries up so the best way to keep the coat moist and healthy, use additional shelters for the coat, it will definitely keep the hair thin and soft. Dog’s coat exposed to cold often get dry and thick.

I am pretty sure now to know quite a lot about keeping the coat healthy. If someone asks you how to keep dog coat shiny and healthy, you know what to say.



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