How To House Train Your Puppy

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How To House Train Your Puppy

Nearly everyone comes across training experience at least once in their life and you people know exactly how hard is to learn something new. You and I, being a human being find it difficult to get along with the training. And this training process becomes harder on nerves when you are the teaching end of the training in contrast to the learning end. Training a human being requires patience you need extra level of patience when you are to train your pet.

In my opinion House Training your Puppy requires patience as well as consistence along with a very positive attitude. The basic milestone to achieve is to develop a strong and lifelong bond with your puppy in addition to infuse good habits. Like small children, puppies need extra bit of attention in their early days, In my personal experience it took me 6-7 months to completely house train my puppy, but it can take a lot more depending upon your training methodology and puppy’s habits. There are some other worth mentioning factors that directly affect the training and training duration.

House Train Your Puppy
Take your puppy outside after every meal

Usually smaller sized dog breeds require recurrent outside trips and tours as compared to thebigger breeds. Training duration also depends upon the existing habits of your puppy, it may take you some additional time to train as you may require to break the previous habits. As I said, puppy training requires patience and you dont see the results the very next moment, so you got to be patient and there is a good chance that you might face setbacks during training but you need to stay focused. Train yur pet, and offer rewards, it’ll eventually learn.

When To Start Puppy House Training?

At very early age puppies dont have much control on their bladder so its not an ideal time to house train them, people usually start puppy toilet training at a very early age and I believe it is a wrong approach. Experts recommend to start the training when your puppy is at least 12-14 weeks old. If your puppy urinates frequently or even eats its own waste then you need to train it even harder.

Best Ways To House Train Your Puppy

The best practice is to confine a puppy to a specific place, that could be a crate , a corner or a room. By the passage of time your puppy will learn to go outside to urinate. You can offer your puppy more freedom once you are satisfied.

  • Make sure you create a schedule for feeding and develop it’s feeding habitsHouse Train Your Puppy
  • Make sure you give your puppy some time in isolation to drop off the thing, after that you can it out for a walk.
  • Make sure you take your puppy out for a walk after meals or after it wakes up from a sleep
  • You got to give it company all the time when outside
  • Make sure you reward your puppy when it urinates or drops waste outside.

Crate & House Training

For a short span of time, a crate proves to be a very good utility for house training your puppy. Crate provides a good place to keep your puppy, and you can teach him signs for doing specific tasks. You can teach him to hold the stuff until you open the crate.

  • The provided crate should be spacious enough for the puppy to easily stand, turn around and lie down for a nap.
  • Make sure the crate isn’t big enough that he starts to use it as a toilet. A moderate sized crate will help him develop a habit of urinating or eliminating outside the crate. Now its your turn to teach him to go outside for dropping the thing.
  • Make sure the puppy has access to fresh water in the crate, don’t keep your pet thirsty for longer periods.
  • Make sure you are present all the times, if you are not available make sure someone else is.
  • Immediately stop using crate IF the puppy starts eliminating in it, it could lead bad results. The reason can be anything, either the crate is too large for it or it has developed a bad habit from the shelter where it was raised.

That is all from my side, if you think I have missed a point or there is something you can add, please sound off in comments.



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