How To Clip Your Dogs Nails – Explained

How To Clip Your Dogs Nails

How To Clip Your Dogs Nails

You must need to know how to clip your dogs nails. If you ever hear a clicking sound when your dog walks on a rigid surface then you must think of clipping it’s nails immediately. Dogs can hurt themselves if the nails are long. Moreover, clipping your dogs nails is an important part of pet grooming. Long nails can even lead to health issues and potential injuries. Such as broken toes or torn nails. In order to avoid these situations.

How To Clip Your Dogs Nails Perfectly?

The process of clipping their dog’s nail is quite intimidating for people. Especially if their dog doesn’t like get touched on its paws. In addition to that, you can always risk it by cutting the nails too far. But, this doesn’t mean it’s not an easy task. To make the matters easy, we are here to tell you how to clip your dogs nails. Follow these tips and you can surely make is smooth experience.

Always Inspect Your Dog’s Feet

How To Clip Your Dogs NailsMake it a regular habit to inspect your dog’s feet for dirt and debris on the paws and the gap between the toes. By regular inspection, your dog will get used to the sensation of having it’s feet touched by you or individuals. Make sure you do it very smoothly and by affection.

Keep The Feet’s Fur Trimmed

Trimming the fur on the feet can reduce irritants such as dirt, salt and tar that can potentially get stuck in the feet and toes.

Be Patient & Start Slow

You must not rush the process of clipping, start slow and patiently. Start it in a very relaxed manner. Trim the nail one by one. There is no harm in taking 3 to 4 days to completely trim the nails.

Cut The Tip At Slight Angle

Just as you clip your own nails at a slight angle, look for the same point where the nail begins to curve.

Haste Makes Waste

How To Clip Your Dogs Nails

Clipping nails require patience, it is a quite nerve wracking and requires calm and collected attitude. Cutting the nails in hasty manner might hurt your dog, it can even lead to bleeding. You can even cut the nails beyond the required area and this can disturb the walking behavior of your dog as long as the nail doesn’t grows.

Keep Syptic Powder For Bleeding

You can’t be sure that you will do it in a perfect way. Even professionals mess it up sometimes. In case of bleeding, apply syptic powder to stop the bleeding.

I am sure that I have answered the today’s burning question “How To Clip Your Dogs Nails“. I would love to read your experiences, do sound off in the comments.



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