How To Clean Dog Teeth At Home


How To Clean Dog Teeth At Home

Experts say that a dirty dog mouth is a health catastrophe waiting to happen, and its a breeding ground for germs and all sort of health issues, so you better know how to clean dog teeth at home.  Thankfully dogs are not prone to teeth issues as humans but still plaque and gingivitis can develop. Teeth health issues can even lead to life threatening infections and health issues that directly relate to heart, kidney and liver.

How To Clean Dog Teeth At Home – What & How To

HOW TO CLEAN DOG TEETH AT HOMEImagine a dog brushing its teeth all by itself, sadly this can only be dream so you have to perform this duty. And the best way to do is by using a tooth brush and mind. The best toothbrush is one that can clean below the gums at a 45 degree angle. I will surely publish a post related to best dog toothbrushes. For now, I intend to stay focused on how to clean dog teeth at home. There is some proper planning required to motivate your fur baby to brush its teeth. Some people struggle at this and dogs don’t get along well with it in early days.

How To Clean Dog Teeth At Home – Methods

Below are the most important things that you should consider.

Start Early

Mature and adult dogs don’t get along well with teeth brushing, so the ideal time is to start early when the puppy is eager to listen and obey you in a better way.

Choosing The Right Tooth Paste

Never ever use a human tooth paste for your dogs, as they have too much of fluoride that is very damaging for dog teeth. Dog formulated tooth paste are easily available in every pet shop.

How To Clean Dog Teeth Naturally

Use Dry Food

Just like humans, brushing dog teeth can also end up in blood. If that is the case with your dog then you better use dry dog food instead of soft food, as a dry and crunchy food is better for your dog’s teeth in comparison to soft one.

Use Chew Toys

HOW TO CLEAN DOG TEETH AT HOMEAnother way to clean dog teeth at home is by using chew toys. I recommend chew toys because of their multiple utility. Not only chew toys help cleaning those part of teeth where brush fails to deliver but also keeps a hold of dog biting.

Medical bills related to canine dental care can empty your pockets so it is better to take care of your pooch at home. I believe now you know How To Clean Dog Teeth At Home, and you can save some fortune, but there are cases when seeing a vet is inevitable, surely I will discuss very soon.



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