How To Choose The Best Dog ToothPaste

How to choose the best dog tooth paste

How To Choose The Best Dog ToothPaste

Choosing the best dog toothpaste for your fur baby can become a little difficult, especially after you visit a pet store or an online market place and you might keep wondering which one you should buy. Pet store have a lot to offer in every dog related product category and canine dental cleaning is no different. There are several tooth cleaning products available that include pastes, gels, sprays and rinses.

Canine Dental Care Is Very Important

How to choose the best dog tooth paste Like other several health aspects, canine dental care should not be over looked. It may not seem important to brush your dog’s teeth but this is one of those things that should be done at least once per month, and cleaning dog’s teeth once in 30 days isn’t a hard thing to do. Most of the dog diseases directly relate to cleanliness of the mouth. A dirty mouth and teeth can lead to serious dog diseases like heart and kidney issues.

How To Select The Best Dog ToothPaste

I have created a criteria for selecting the best dog toothpaste, any product that fits on all of the below mentioned criteria should be the best dog toothpaste for your dog, remember no two pet parents would have identical criteria and preferences, that is the reason I won’t be mentioning a single product as the best dog toothpaste.

Taste Matters

Taste is a make or break deal for dogs, most of the dog tooth pastes are meat flavored and indeed meat flavor makes it more appealing for dogs in comparison to a non-meat flavored dog tooth paste. Though mint and vanilla flavored tooth pastes are also available in the market, meat flavored is the way to go.


Any product that is easy to use is more likely to be used than a product that has some ease of use issues even if it is better than the other. I have seen a lot of people prefer adding dental rinse to water bowl, while handsome amount of people prefer brushing their dog’s teeth themselves.


It is very important to choose a product that does not have any health risks involved. Always buy products that are specifically formulated for dogs, never ever use human tooth paste for dogs. Consult your vet or check online for reviews before buying any canine product as some of them may upset the normal working of the body.

You should consider yourself lucky and very fortunate if your dog likes the very first tooth paste you purchase. But usually it takes time and several different products to finally select the best dog toothpaste.



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