How To Care For A Puppy With Worms

How To Care For A Puppy With Worms


How To Care For A Puppy With Worms

There is a possibility that your newborn puppy has worms, a vast majority of young pups have worms, even when their symptoms aren’t visible. Treatment of worms is essential, a slight negligence can deprive the pups from the essential nutrients that can several serious health issues and possibly death too. So, if your puppy has worms and either you know it or not, you must know how to care for a puppy with worms.

Not only it poses significant threat to pups, these worms can also transmit to humans and cause health problems, especially to children. If you have small children at your home, ensure that they wash their hands after they play with dogs.

Common Types Of Puppy Worms

How To Care For A Puppy With Worms
Picture of an intestinal worm

Before you start educating yourself for the treatment of worms, you must know the types and symptoms of worms in pet, after that you will be able to care for a puppy with worms.

Intestinal Worms

Intestinal worms can be of different types, they include

  • Hook Worms
  • Tape Worms
  • Round Worms
  • Whip Worms

All of the aforementioned worms reside inside your pup’s intestine and are a major reason of weight loss, dehydration and illness in pets. In most of the cases these worms are passed on to the young pup via their mother. So, whenever you decide to bring a young puppy home you must visit the vet for medical checkup.

Heart Worms

Transmitted to pups and dogs by mosquitoes, heartworms can reach to whooping length of 10-12 inches inside the body and they live right next to the heart of your pet. In my opinion they are the most dangerous ones, they can significantly damage heart and lungs of your puppy long before the symptoms are visible. I have seen some tragic deaths of puppies due to this deadly disease.

How To Care For A Puppy With Worms : Step of Treatments

If you consult your vet and suspects the presence of worms, then it is a sign of panic. The presence of worms can be confirmed by carefully examining the pup’s feces. Sometimes the worms can be seen by naked eyes, in most cases they are examined under microscope. If your pup’s feces don’t have visible worms, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

How To Care For A Puppy With Worms
Visit your vet regularly.

There isn’t a specific 100 percent working formula for treatment of worms that fits for every pet. As per the vets, the most effective and efficient worm medication is sold by prescription only. However, I would state some of the methods that can help you in answering your question i.e. how to care for a puppy with worms.

Remember the best way to take care for a puppy infected with worms is following the vet’s instructions, and these instructions can vary depending upon the type of worms and health of the pup. There is no short way to solve this problem. People often recommend de-wormers but I don’t consider them to be very effective unless you consult it with your vet.

Take Proper Interest In Vet Exams

How To Care For A Puppy With WormsThe best way to take care of puppy with worms is to take proper interest in the vet exams and inquire your vet about the physical condition of your pet. Ask your vet about taking care of your pooch.

Keep Your Puppy Away From Fleas

The best way to keep the deadly heartworms away from the pup is to keep your pet away from the fleas, don’t let your pup go in such places where fleas are in abundance. You can use prescription flea products for protection. You can use flea collars to keep the pup away from the fleas.

Feeding Your Pup In Clean Bowls

I have seen many people that don’t really care about the cleanliness of water and food bowls even after they come to know that there pup has worms. Make sure you feed your pup in clean bowls, prevention is better than cure.

Remove The Poop Immediately

How To Care For A Puppy With Worms
Immediately remove your pup’s poop.

Remove the dog’s feces as soon as it is possible, hookworms and whipworms get into the body via feces. Don’t let your pup go near the feces of other dogs.

Visit Your Vet Regularly

Regular vet exams can help you know about the situation a lot better, vets can guide you to take certain steps after examining.

In the end I would say that keep your pets away from other dog’s poop and fleas, this is atleast what you can do to keep your pup healthy. If you think I have missed anything in ” How To Care For A Puppy With Worms” then please add your views down in the comment section, I would appreciate it. Stay Safe !



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