How to Buy Low Protein Dog Food

low protein dog food

Like most of the living beings, dogs need protein to carry out their daily driving activities. But, the major question is to find the suitable amount of protein for your pet. The amount may vary because of age, daily activity, dog breed, health condition and diseases. Being an essential part of the diet, protein intake levels should be carefully devised.

When To Use Low Protein Dog Food?

Low Protien Dog Food
Protein is very important for Dogs.

Being part of the wolf family, usually dogs need high level of protein intake to maintain a good health but not all the dogs require high level of protein in their diet. Dogs having kidney issues need low protein diet. Lower levels of protein reduces the stress on kidney, resulting in better kidney performance and longer life span. However, if you face such a dreadful situation then you must consult a veterinarian or a pet nutritionist to place your dog on low protein dog food.

Go For a Eminent & Reputed Protein Source:
Before you go out to find a protein source for your dog, you should know the basic structure and working of dog’s body. The dog’s body needs amino acids, they are more like a building block of the body. Dog’s metabolic system is capable enough to produce some of the amino acids they need, but there are a total of ten amino acids that they should get from the protein they get to eat. If you are placing your dog on a low protein dog food, it is very important to choose a quality protein substance that can be easily digestible which could increase the level of amino acids they need. The very best natural sources of protein are eggs, fish and milk. Corn is another good natural source of protein, but it is half good as eggs or fish.

What About The Protein Levels?

There is a mixed opinion for the use of low protein dog food in aged or senior dogs, some vets recommend the use of low protein dog diets for aged dogs while some choose to sway away from this ideology. This is not the point of discussion right now, however you can find more about the importance of low protein dog food on the Pat My Pet.

Low Protein Dog Food In this particular case, you should use a food or diet that contains at most of 23 percent protein. If you go for a low protein diet that contains less than 16 percent protein, then it shall cause further health issues like weaker bones or it might result in cracks in bones or weight loss.

Best Low Protein Dog Food:

You can find a lot of low protein dog diets in the market, you can also find a list of recommended low protein dog foods. Remember, a food product is only recommended if and only if they have less than 23 percent of protein. In coming days, Pat My Pet will come up with the best in the market low protein dog diets to ease off the hectic task o choosing the recommended product for your food. Stay tuned!



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