How Do I Keep My Pet Mentally Healthy : Senior Dogs

How Do I Keep My Pet Mentally Healthy
How Do I Keep My Pet Mentally Healthy


How Do I Keep My Pet Mentally Healthy : Senior Dogs

With the passage of time the mental capabilities of a pet starts to decline, in some pets it is normal while some face a sudden decline. A decline in mental capabilities result in stress, lethargy and longer sleep hours. Cognitive Dysfunction syndrome is one of the states that pet behavior specialists use when a pet encounters a severe mental decline as the pet approaches its final stage of life. Not all of the pet owners are aware of this mental situation, but there is no shame in that. There was a time when I didn’t have a clue what CDS meant, this mental condition is specific to senior dogs and cats so not all of you may not know it anyway. But, it changes today. All those senior dog parent out there should know about this condition, luckily I was one of those people who came to know about the situation in time.

Pets encountering CDS suffer from restlessness, increased hours of sleep, loss of appetite, separation anxiety, decreased reactions to sounds and smell. It effects the overall behavior of the pet and how its reacts to certain situations and events. The very obvious question that would come into your mind would be How Do I Keep My Pet Mentally Healthy ?


How Do I Keep My Pet Mentally HealthyAccording to the experts from OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, CDS is found in a whopping 68 percent of dogs having age equal and over 15 years. This is no doubt a very high ratio and a few people only know about this mental condition. So, the obvious question that will come to your mind is “What should I do now?“. Mental performance slows down with the passage of time, and its a natural process and no one can’t stop it, but you can atleast slow it down. Follow these steps if your pet is facing such situation.

Brain Games and Puzzles

Just like elder people like to play puzzles & brain games to keep their mind occupied and sharp, same can be done with senior dogs and cats. Dogs can learn new and mind engaging puzzle games to make their mind work, as their mind is forced to work on the games this tends to slowdown the degeneration process. You can try new toys and exercises to keep your dog’s mind sharp. You can even use brain specific training methods to boost the mental capability of the dog.

Feed Him Properly

Dogs of different age group need different kind of diets, an aging dog needs a diet that has excessive amount of Vitamin C and E, moreover it should have handsome amount of calcium to aid the aging bones and skeleton. In addition to this, make sure you feed your dog a diet having omega 3 fatty acids too. Whatever food you give, it should ensure a growth and healthy metabolism.

How Do I Keep My Pet Mentally HealthySome experts would recommend you fresh food for aging pets, but there are two opinions to this approach. A set of experts recommend diets specifically processed and manufactured to address the issues related aging dogs and tests have shown that this approach actually works better in CDS cases. One more thing you should take care of is to maintain a balanced  diet plan for your pooch, don’t under feed your dog and don’t over feed. If you under feed your pet then its only going to make the matters worse for a dog having CDS.

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Regularly Brush Your Pooch’s Teeth

A dirty mouth is breeding ground for diseases, make sure you keep your pet’s teeth white and cleaned. A clean mouth contributes in the mental and physical efficiency of your dog. Teeth and mouth condition gets worse with time and need more care in the latter stages.

Drugs and Supplements

Like always, I would emphasize that you must consult your pet before making your mind to bring in some supplements or drugs, because a drug or supplement can make the matters worse, or their side effects can lead to other health issues.

There is no known method as yet to stop the CDS, the only way to deal with is condition is offer the best and healthy food and healthy environment to keep him active and engaged. I hope I have answered your Question “How Do I Keep My Pet Mentally Healthy“. Stay safe !



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