Hidden Costs Of Pet Ownership

hidden costs of pet ownership

Becoming pet parents definitely sounds fascinating to everyone, and it is indeed a very pleasing and joyous experience. Recently, I came across a couple who were planning to adopt a pet, after  half an hour discussion I came to know that they are financially stable but can’t just break the bank straight away. They told me that they have put aside money for initial cost of adopting the dog and purchasing important stuff like dog food, a bed, water bowl and chew toys. As soon as they finished, I had one thing in my mind and that was “they are not fully prepared for the ownership”. Why is that? Like this cute and charming couple most of the people tend to forget the hidden costs of pet ownership.

After having a fruitful discussion with that couple, I made my mind to spread out the word hidden costs of pet ownershipabout the hidden costs of pet ownership that would stay hidden until you buy a pet and then immediately raise their head, ready to steal the money from your pocket. I have a strong feeling that many of the potential dog owners don’t have an idea of what’s coming their way and this is why a lot of dogs are abandoned after adoption. Remember, pets don’t come cheap, your initial cost is quite high and it is more like an continuous investment. You don’t pay one time and enjoy the benefits. The very sole reason of this blog is to educate people about pets and how to manage one. I’m not saying that you should change your mind about pet adoption, I only want to let you know what is the best way to go forward, so that you can prepare yourself in advance.

As per the statistics provided by ASPCA,  the average cost incurred for the a dog (medium size) shall cost you :

  • Dog Training : $110
  • Crate : $95
  • Medical Examination : $70
  • Neutering : $200
  • Collar & leash : $30

As you can see, this list will make it a $565 price for adoption. The list doesn’t stops here, the owners have to further pay round about another $300-$400 for food items, bowl and bed in addition to toys and other necessary accessories. In short, you’ll be spending nearly $1K for a dog in the first place and chances are that you might spent few more on the medical care or insurance. You must also consider the costs for the vaccinations and routine veterinary checkups. If you think that I have mentioned all of the hidden costs of pet ownership then you are definitely not aware of all the costs.

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Have you given a thought about what to do when you are to travel? Would you take your pooch with you? If yes, then you would definitely need traveling accessories for your dog. That means lashing more cash for the traveling supplies. What if you plan to leave your pet behind? Boarding your dog at a kenneling facility would be the most appropriate option, if you dont have anyone at home to take care of your pooch. And this too is going to cost you some bucks.


Now comes the very unexpected costs you might have to spend in case of an emergency hidden costs of pet ownershipsituations, dogs are vulnerable and there are chances that might get into a fight with other animals and hurt itself. I hope you never come across a situation like this but you should put aside some money for emergency cases, and remember these accidental and emergency services for pets are a lot pricy than the regular ones. Diseases in dogs are common and your fiddo will require medical attention in order to prevent them from rotting your pet.

To all the potential dog owners out there, I think you people should consider all the costs and the money you have to spend on parenting a dog beforehand. And prefer buying a your pup rather than a senior dog because the later will cost you more for the food supplements they require in the diet, a more frequent vet care visits and additional accessories to carry out their days.

The bottom line is to prepare yourself beforehand so that you can easily manage to parent a dog, you definitely don’t need to be a billionaire to adopt a pet but atleast you should enough savings so that you can enjoy the company of your pet. Because if you dont have enough money to cover the costs of your pooch, you’ll have to eventually surrender it a animal care shelter or re-home it to a friend.

I would love to hear your experiences on parenting a dog and what unexpected costs you paid. Sound off in the comments below.



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