A Guide To Dog’s First Aid Kit Checklist

A Guide To Dog's First Aid Kit Checklist

A Guide To Dog’s First Aid Kit Checklist

This post is basically a guide to dog’s first aid kit checklist. Each and every responsible dog parents wants to keep their safe and healthy. Dogs are vulnerable to injuries, so you need to be well prepared for potential disasters. One of the very best preparations is to have the essential first aid kit for such incidents. This article would serve as a guide to dog’s first aid kit checklist for you.

A Guide To Dog’s First Aid Kit Checklist

There is no definitive way to stop a potential injury to a dog, so you need to have a first aid kit. But, what do dogs need in a first aid kit? This comprehensive guide will tell you what to include and why to include.

Wound Spray

There are endless possibilities that your dog would get a cut, scratch or an injury to their skin, or body both indoors and outdoors. So, you need to keep a wound spray with you all the times. Because you may need it anytime, anywhere. One of the better known wound spray is Vetericyn.


A Guide To Dog's First Aid Kit ChecklistThe second must have item is dog’s first aid kit is a self clinging bandage. If your dog suffers an injury, you would need to cover it. As bacteria and germs can attack the soft spot. After you use wound spray, you need to cover it with Bandage. The best one is a self clinging bandage that wouldn’t stick to dog’s fur, making it easy to remove later.

Bandage Scissors

Bandage scissors should be paired with bandage all the time. It is hard to actually cut through bandage and cloth my bare hands.


Leash is that necessary thing that lets you hold onto your dog. Its like the steering wheel of your pet, you have a control on your dog.


A Guide To Dog's First Aid Kit ChecklistInjured dogs would often lash out, even a calm and normal dog would do it once in a while. Dogs may also bite their own wound, making it worse for you and himself. So, keeping a muzzle with you can avoid a possible biting.

Eye and Ear Wash

While travelling, there is a possibility that a pollutant or contaminant might enter your dog’s eyes or ears. It can cause stinging, itching, burning or even worse. You must have eye and ear wash with all the times. They can help you flush out the problematic material.

Medical Records

A Guide To Dog's First Aid Kit ChecklistIt isn’t the usual first aid kit thing, but it should be present with you all the times. There is a possibility that your dog might get harmed or injured while you are on vacations (travelling). In that case, you can’t visit your regular vet. So, you would need the medical records in case you have to meet any other vet.

Important Phone Numbers

In any case of emergency, you must have all the related and required phone numbers with you. Especially your vet’s contact number, your emergency clinic’s phone number and ASPCA poison control center.

I am pretty sure with all these items in your bag, you wouldn’t need to worry if something happens to your dogs. Share this “A Guide to Dog’s First Aid Kit Checklist” with your friends and family. Happy Parenting !



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