Get Your Dog To Love Bath Time

Get Your Dog To Love Bath Time
Get Your Dog To Love Bath Time

If your dog hates his bath time, there is a big possibility that you might also hate it. It may be very difficult for you to make your dog happy during the bath time, but I assure that it is not impossible at all. If you are having troubles to get your dog to love bath time then don’t worry. Today, I have a got a special plan to make this boring activity a fun and pleasant one. You play a very vital role in this strategy, it requires patience and time but once your dog has learnt what you want it to do, this would get very interesting. And I’m pretty sure your dog would love it’s bath time.

Walk, Walk & Walk

Get Your Dog To Love Bath TimeTake a walk before you take your dog for a bath. Basically dogs naturally dig into water and love bathing when they are feeling warm after hard exercise. This is the reason behind this tip, have a good walk with your dog. Find a place where you could freely walk with your pooch for some distance. When you feel your dog is feeling exhausted and warm, its the time to take him back to home and straight into the bath tub. I m pretty sure your dog would love it.

Be Patient, Don’t Rush

Finding a reasonable amount of time to spend with your dog might be hard for most of you, I can understand that sometimes it gets difficult for you people to manage. Make sure you take your dog for a bath when you have suitable amount of time, don’t rush things as I’m sure it would do worse. Your dog needs a bath, not you, so make sure you make a routine that matches the activities of your dog, NOT you.

Positive Attitude

Get Your Dog To Love Bath TimeYour body language and attitude reflects your approach. If your dog repeatedly shows signs of resistance when you take him for a bath, chances are that you may be wrong in your approach. If that is the case, you should try to be calm and collected when you enter the bath area. I strongly believe your pet would acknowledge it.

Add A Fun Factor

I understand that its very hard to feel optimistic when you see no progress. The best approach under these circumstances is to start thinking of bath time as a play time. I believe this would get your dog to love bath time. Bring in some of the most beloved & favorite toys of your dog into the bath tub, this would definitely make your pet enjoy the bath time. In that way you can easily get what you want, a happy bath time with your dog.

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Bring In Another Canine

Get Your Dog To Love Bath TimeIf you feel your dog is properly socialized with other pets, then its to bring in another dog for assistance. Bring in a dog that loves his bath time, surely it would help your dog enjoy his bath time too. Leave the pair in the tub and let them play. One thing to remember here is to introduce both dogs prior to taking bath, other wise both of them would feel a bit shy.

Bathing Water Matters

Always check the temperature of water when you are taking your dog into tub. The water temperature that is fine for you might not be the best one for your dog. Warm water might be too hot for your dog, hot water stimulates shock in dogs and this would ruin the moment, and if this happens couple of times then your dog would show too much resistance towards bathing. Make sure the water is lukewarm, perfect for dogs.

Start It From Early Age

Most of pet parents hesitate to give bath to their pets from early age, this is a wrong approach. Pet parents should bathe their pets from early age, its like training them from the starting days. With the passage of time your dog would enjoy it more and more.

Bring Food Into Tub

Another good way to get your dog love his bath time is to bring some food in to the tub. Start feeding your dog in the bath tub, and he would happily get into the bath tub next time.

I hope you would have benefited from this piece of information. Feel free to comment below in the comment section to the methods you use to get your dog love bath time. Happy Bathing !



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