Dog Fences : When Does My Pet Needs A Fence

When Does My Pet Needs A Fence

Dog Fences : When Does My Pet Needs A Fence

Dogs are playful in nature and there are some certain situations when you need to keep your dog behind the fence. You wouldn’t want your dog to terrorize the neighborhood, or digging holes in your neighbor’s backyard. Dogs often like to annoy other pets, specially cats and you wouldn’t want your dog to scare other pets in the area or children.

In aforementioned situations you need to keep your dog at a safe distance and in my opinion the best approach is the use of fence. Fencing has other advantages too, it helps you keep an eye on your pooch all the times and monitor him. Moreover, dogs like to wander off into the streets and there is always a potential danger on the road, mainly due to cars speeding down.

When Does My Pet Needs A Fence
Fence keeps your pet from any potential outside danger

Dog fences come in different shape and sizes, and only you can know what looks and fits better for your need. Most people would go and buy a large dog fence, this isn’t entirely a good approach. You must always consider your requirements and then decide to buy one. May be a certain dog fence may not be suitable because of the size of your courtyard. Not all of the dogs need fencing for safety purpose, for some dogs it is meant for limiting their excessive movement.

Last week I met one of my distant neighbor who was having difficulties related to their dog’s behavior and movement. She told me that last week her dog wandered off into the woods and came back with a dead squirrel in it’s mouth, with blood dripping on the floor. And my instant reaction was “don’t you have a fence installed at your home?”. And she said NO. I told her to immediately install one before her dog would make a habit of searching for food from the woods.

When Does My Pet Needs A FenceYou can clearly see why you need dog fences, though in this particular case the squirrels in the woods needed a dog fence more than that specific dog. Dog fences help prevent unseen tragedies that can happen anytime while your dog is out. Your dog can come in contact with other wild animals like porcupine and may hurt itself. Moreover, cars doing down the streets always pose a significant potential danger. Dog fences can protect your fluff from all the outside dangers all the time.

If you have made your mind to finally install a fence then you should be considering what choices do you have to install fences. Well, dog fences comes in all kinds of sizes and build material and there isn’t any specific dog fence that fits for all the dog breeds. You can choose a wooden fence, a polyprophylene mesh dog fence or a non-electric static fence or even a wireless fence.

You can choose to install an in-ground wireless fence that emits a high pitch tone to your dog’s collar that forbids it to cross the defined boundary. Every time your dog would try to cross those boundaries, he shall hear that static tone. Eventually your dog would learn his lesson not to go beyond that boundary where that tone starts beeping. Moreover, wireless dog fences don’t need any trenches so you don’t need to bury anything in to the ground, but that isn’t the case with wired dog fences.

When Does My Pet Needs A FenceThere is another type of invisible dog fence that use a plant based scent that dogs really dislike. Whenever a dog tries to beyond the defined boundary, dog’s collar would emit a burst of citronella. This scent doesn’t harms the dogs but they don’t really like smelling it. Remember, Citronella collars don’t really work for all dogs.

Safety Is The Name Of The Game

Regardless of the type of fence you choose for your dog, safety should be your utmost priority. I would recommend you to choose a fence that fits your requirement. If you choose a wireless enforcement then make sure you do a lot of research before lashing out money.



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